Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel gathers tanks at the border of Palestine: offensive nears: could this be the end of Hamas? A look at the situation: as politically motivated!

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Article by Marc Aupiais

In an attack involving hundreds of tons of aerial bombs, and lasting more than what seems one day; as though the closing word for the year: dropped on Hamas fortifications across Gaza: Israel has struck back: hitting military targets, and a police station, and Arabic university: in response to rocket strikes against Israeli civilians: launched by the same sort of organization: which holds Lebanon at gunpoint: Hamas. The Arabic group has vowed to send suicide bombers into Israel now: and launched many more rockets in response: killing at least one Israeli civilian.

Israel, according to EuroNews: has amassed an army of tanks outside of Palestine's: border. The Israeli leader seems to hint that they will definitely invade the area: it is not a question of if they will but when they will, if hintings are to be taken at face value.

Hamas was not part of a comprehensive peace process, and have been the first to attack: breaking a 6 month ceasefire between these two groups. While Israel has allowed aid through the border into Palestine: it is mostly seen as a political move. Israel has large support throughout the west in a move seen largely as aimed at combating terrorist attacks launched on Israel.

Hamas has not withdrawn, launching threats, missiles, and defiance into the air, as the Arab nations have called an emergency meeting to deal with what they will do, and unlike western Nations, such as America: which saw the attack as justified, and blames Hamas for the response they had been blamed for gaining: and only asked that Israel focus on Hamas, and not civilians: the Arab world has condemned the attacks.

This could see a war between Israel and certain other nations, or the end of Hamas in Gaza, or else continuing of the bloodshed already seen. In any case: it could be followed by some real peace: contrasted to the failed process already in action.

The hundreds of casualties taken against Palestine, in recent air-strikes: is very large as compared with one man dying in many retaliations, and perhaps small even compared with those dying in many terrorist attacks recently launched on Israel. The stance of Hamas in the situation: seems unwise, unless their's is some conspiracy to attack Israel from this: when a nation should be scrambling to the negotiating table, and offering up deals: Hamas is only inflating an already bad situation, caused by their own violation of a peace treaty.

Israel, has the media high ground: their attacks were against military targets, and their enemy has attacked civilians purposely, and also has vowed suicide bombing: clear terrorism.

With each statement by the Palestinian authority: outright invasion of Palestine by Israel edges closer.

Israel's attacks come before elections: and are by a government which needs support for re-election. Hamas itself faces opposition within Palestine, and Egypt, an Arab Nation: has closed their border to the nation: forcing tunnels to be dug to Egypt, for many supplies, and making Israel the main route for aid into the nation. Hamas supporters are protesting against Israel, and Egypt, where peace processes are hoped to be etched out.

Cosatu, has now called for a South African boycott of "Apartheid Israel", following their reprisal attacks. Below, we will explain, this is not wise in such a situation, and by a group which repeatedly makes controversial and dangerous statements.

COSATU is somewhat associated with the deposing of South Africa's previous President: Thabo Mbeki.

As the ANC has increasingly dismissed members thought to not be happy with party leadership, and members have repeatedly called for genocide against "Counter-revolutionaries", and as members of the Communist affiliated ANC party: in high positions in the ANC: have made remarks: including one involving a desire to "Annihilate" South Africa's most effective (Voting wise) opposition party: the Democratic Alliance.

The ANC, has also allowed members to call for a genocide if certain desires of the party are not met. The ANC, has for years: voted against what South Africans, including their support bases: have considered moral.

COSATU, the biggest suporter of the new section of the ANC, now in power: have repeatedly been involved in threats: including threatening a judge, and it is they, also, who have made statements: about a desire to "Kill for Zuma" in support of a controversial party leader: as rape (he was found innocent: ANC members in high office have said that they can guarantee the accuser's safety in South Africa: if she withdraws her testimony: another woman looking like her was stoned by ANC supporters, and the party has not collectively condemned violent acts by supporters), corruption, and other charges against the ANC leader have been increasingly caused anxiety about his possible leadership of the country. Many legal efforts against Zuma, have been kept out of court, by efforts, including legal procedure. Other attempts, sometimes seen as caused by COSATU, and seen by many as attempts open meddling in South Africa's justice system, via threats and protests, have aimed at forcing certain things to not be tried in court.

While the Islamic world, has condemned Israeli action, the European Union, has called for peace on both sides, and the "United States", has taken Israel's side. Important figures of COSATU: itself, have previously attacked, or kept silent during attacks by representation from an important part of the union: on the Ten commandments, and is universally controversial in South Africa. Following an attack on the Ten commandments: to justify what was seen as adultery, by Jacob Zuma, who already has many wives: many esteemed members of Cosatu: left. Others have been disheartened, after a man was proven as using union funds for his own purposes, and the whistle-blower, was dealt with, while the person guilty of such got to repay what was owed.

As to international Law, while Israel has reportedly broken it at many an event in past times: attacks aimed purposely at non-combatants by Hamas: probably mean dwindling western support. While the Catholic church generally defends the rights of Palestinians: we have not come into any commentary on this situation.

Those condemning the attacks in South Africa: are Islamic groups, and Cosatu. Most other voices seem neutral: or private on their views of the legitimacy of these reprisals by Israel.

Our own view: is that the issue in Israel and Palestine: should be brought in front of the International Criminal Court, and mediated once and for all: with perpetrators of crimes against humanity: being prosecuted. We firmly believe that as long as the peace process is focussed on negotiation, without a focus on justice: these continued attacks on both sides will proceed, or eventually: Israel, will further enforce their desires to occupy, and control Gaza: to protect their own citizens: which, due to the illogical leadership in Palestine: may result in definite harm to Palestinian people. International efforts, by those apposed to Israeli policy, have also yet to see any real impact on this policy.

The fact that terror attacks, are purposely perpetrated against Israeli civilians, rather than military targets: and from civilian areas: so that Israeli reprisals will hit civilians, seems manipulative. While we do not support either side: at least as far as journalism goes (I do have personal views): we do believe that Hamas is handling this situation: in such a way: as to only further hurt their people. Every response they give: is responded to by Israeli officials who need political support: except Israel can attack precisely, and professionally: and in a way which is pleasing to the west, and western media, while no-one with respect for the Geneva Convention, or Just War principles, can justify the aiming of attacks at known non-combatants. What Palestine needs is peace, not military leadership, which promises terrorist attacks on a more powerful nation, and breaks a peace agreement, which has been securing the lives of their people for six months. Such seems like political maneuvering: and while to the benefit of Israeli politicians, and of those wanting war: this is not in the interests of the Palestinian people.

Hamas, which often keeps their power by military, has caused problems in every nation where they have gained power. Possibly, the best solution to the situation: is for another Palestinian group to take to, or be placed into power: however, we are unsure of when the next Palestinian election will be, or if that would happen, whether an impeachment could occur, or even be possible in such a country, with such social dynamics: and propaganda, or how their state works. Certainly, they are strategically, only harming the dignity of their people: by bad, and foolish decisions: which will gain no long term, nor any short term victories for the group.

Either, these next weeks may show a new situation in the Mid-east, or else: worse of the same. Whatever occurs, the entire circumstance has to alter radically, and will continue to alter as the situation changes.

An Israeli invasion, has just become all the more real a possibility. With such crippling blows to Hamas: a real assault on the small Palestinian territory, could aim at a legacy of long lasting impacts. The lasting effects on the region, and on Palestine of the events following the breaking of a peace agreement by Hamas, and the response by Israel: could be catastrophic.

Both sides: could be well pressed to find other non-violent solutions to this issue. Especially, as it is widely realized: that the Israeli response is seen as a political necessity on the part of Israel's more peace-prone government: after missile strikes from Palestine actually hit civilians populations in Israel. An inadequate defensive network: has lead to a political solution: which involved attacking Palestine. Hamas has for some reason thought it prudent to cause a government which has been the most friendly to their people in a long time: to launch the greatest attack ever launched by Israel: since the Jewish nation was first established, causing an inevitable response from Israel.

On both sides: continuing of conflict, and opposition to a comprehensive peace process, seems largely to be for political give and take. While their people suffer reprisals: political groupings gain prestige, power, and funding from the continued threat of a conflict situation in Palestine.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

UN, World: Vatican refuses to sign document on protecting the disabled: aborting children to get rid of disabled does not prevent discrimination

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Article by Marc Aupiais

The Holy See is is not in agreement with a UN document, which they contributed to: due to the fact that vital parts are excluded, and other acts are unwisely, or politically: allowed. The document includes parts still allowing for killing off, sterializing, or selectively aborting those with disabilities. All of these would be called genocide: if the world would acknowlege that the young and disabled are truly a section of humaniy, as much as hair colour, or race or belief allows for a group to be named as a valid population group.

The Vatican believes that killing disabled people will not cure the problem of discriminating against them. The actual issues were pointed out by the president of a Christian group in Italy: applauding the Catholic City State's choice not to sign the document. 23b and 25a, are the issues pointed out by the "Christians for Service" association.

Comments by the Vatican itself, are only indirectly hinted at by EWTN. Their reasons for not signing however seem to be due to the ideologically motivated flaws in the document. Their refusal followed a request to allow for additional clauses to close off the possibility of such genocide or "euthanasia" against the disabled.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

EU: Analysing how to turn ailing, breaking, yet still fighting: Europe into a tool for God, as it was once so powerfully purposed as!

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Article by Marc Aupiais

The average citizen has been preached a false gospel, a gospel of prosperity over Christ, of development over hope: of hoping in tyrants and evil men with false promises; over what is right. Europe; who owes its very existence to Christianity, and fought on this basis against Nazi occupation, which maintained hope and revolution in this, and conquered Communism in its borders by it: also is doomed for rejecting it.

America rejected the church, by pulling out of now communist Vietnam: based on a gospel which included non-aggression, and "free-love". Europe was rebuild after the Second World War: on a treaty called Pax Christi: and it is a Christian force which has held it together. Now, only political necessity holds. The EU is a treaty aimed at making the lives of some better, memberships are political, and politically done and influenced: like NATO: the EU has become a sanctuary for those with enough influence to maintain membership. Once proud nations, like France, and Ireland, and Great Britain: have fallen to ease, and to political ends: sacrificing their Christian heritage for this: or falling for the lie that Christianity is an embarrassing parent: to be hidden in the home.

We never used to dip hands in Holy Water after mass: the meaning is to remind of baptism, and clear the mind of secular thoughts: to focus on God; yet often: the ritual seems to mark the closing of the mind and soul to its saviour: and the washing of the mind of all the hope they have been given.

Europe once conquered enemies of faith, and of hope, and the basic dignity of man: now instead: politics are the realm of corruption, radicals, and those apposing the people. European democracy is in danger at its core: their attacks on Islam, have already had responses: and for every attack on a minority, whether Catholic or Islamic: they dig their grave further: making it harder for the men steering of faiths to preach peace: and coming closer to grounds for armed resistance against a political force: already, the danger has emerged: already, many of the factors exist. Europe risks alienating themselves from the rest of the world; a world which increases in instability; once united in religions. By religion: Islam united the Arab tribes: and by religion: Catholicism conquered Europe, uniting it as war craft and politics only divided it.

Belief unites, and belief rebuilds: Pax Christi: the treaty which rebuild Europe. Corruption is what maintains Africa in the Dark, and selfishness maintains Europe as only a secondary player in world politics: endangered by any small rupture in a global market of danger.

In the center of Great African Cities: selfishness causes gridlock. When a traffic light is green: one only has the right to go: if it is clear the other end: yet in Africa: cars often go against this law of the land. The day before yesterday, I was stuck in traffic for fifty minutes: without a traffic light out, on roads wide enough; without fault or issue: because cars and taxis, and buses were selfish: they went on red and green: and I was stuck in the middle of an intersection unable to go: because cars wanted a few more inches.

Neither human rights, nor perks are the basis of an Alliance: an alliance based on either of these: quickly becomes selective: and corrupt. Nations argue, and break apart: nations soon gain bad reputations, and gain hatred for their selfishness. Other nations unite out of mimicry and fear of Europe: following Europe, Southern Africa's SADC, and South Africa's brainchild: the African Union were born: it is these bodies which maintain Zimbabwe's genocide: and appose western efforts so effectively.

It is the lesson of the First World War: that one alliance spawns another: so far as an alliance is political. And now: Europe attacks religion: what shall justify her, human rights? No: the world sees the double set of rights: and the different weighings given via political aims: one may have human rights when it is of benefit to Europe. Compare guilty Georgia, with sinless victims in Rwanda, or Congo, or Zimbabwe: how fast some human rights are protected, how slow others. Human Rights are often disposed of: no Genocide as yet has been stopped by Alliances in Europe, or the United Nations: not until such blood is spilled.

As long as "human rights" are the basis of alliances: these will fall: they are but laws, and laws are twisted and broken. Europe will collapse, will fall: as America has begun to: and then who shall be our false: replacement saviour? Any political system which is based only on necessity will collapse; and break like malnourished children. The basis of Europe, like the basis of America, has been wiped clean: her essence, which lay in culture is devastated: decimated as she turns on herself. The Islamic nations continue to grow, to prosper: and the west continues to decline: unable to conquer to root of their undoing: and unable to fight the symptoms: which would take a conquering of all the world: impossible as long as their alliance is purely for mutual profit, and benefit.

How then can Europe resolve itself: except trough dignity. By dignity and not human rights can a nation establish itself king of all the world, and governor: should their basis be this: will we not give them access to our seats of political power: dignity and compassion and truth: the liberalism which is liberal in every extreme: yet utterly conservative in morals: the liberalism which saved Europe for thousands of years: this will bring it to power: and solidify the bonds of Europe: destroying all enemies: should they only cling to it.

Such a liberalism allows anything which is moral to be pursued: yet not that which is immoral. Thereby: a Europe which creates "gay marriage" or distributes ineffective "contraception", or kills infants: will never rise to glory: for such a society does not conserve itself: yet imploded. "Gay" "marriage" encourages dangerous societal activities; which destroys Europe's culture, and any hope of being looked up to by a rational man. Further: such is a lie to world and self. Catholic science has created ways of preventing birth: natural ways: which like natural fibers as compared plastic: are environmentally friendly: and create a strong culture: one can abstain from sexual intercourse a few days a cycle: such builds perseverance. More than that: it is not unnaturally controlling birth or death. The Greeks assigned this to Gods: we assign it to nature and to our God. The Greek "Gods" of this were the "fates": likewise: we appose unnatural regulation of births and deaths: yet postponing life artificially: is the realm of men: even the Greeks agree: allowing doctors to heal:

causing human death is the realm of God: forbidden to men; except out of obedience to the laws of God, and right, or prudent,  judgment in seeming necessity. Abortion is never necessary, nor artificial contraception.

Europe was once the star of nations: should they return to the heritage: which Africa and others continually soak up with hope: it will be the continent through which all continents are civilized: and the wielder of truth which destroys the corrupt evils of global politics. Europe, not America can be our political saviour: but Europe must reconcile its body with its soul: and begin to feed fully off its source again: as some parts have to an extent.

Still, whatever the tyranny forced on the world by political alliances: Europe carries most hope: yet her people must abandon the lie of false "irreligious secularism"; and stop hiding who they truly are: below lies of ideology. True secularism is an invention of religion: it is the freedom within moral boundaries to profess ones own truth; it is also the consigning of religion and politics to public, private and communal life: while treating the religions of others as with respect. True secularism is not the absence of differing beliefs: but rather the allowance of them in a treaty: which allows each man justice, and each thing its time: yet allows religion in her place: that which is moral, that which is spiritual, and as the conscience, and driving force of sense and development in a society; and a pushing force of love and social justice. All things have their place: Europe must relearn her past learnings: Europe must return to rational secularism: the sort which makes allies out of religion: not enemies: only then will she be safe from terrorism, and war from such: and also then will she have a united people: living saints, and moved by saints: then she shall conquer hunger, and much tyranny, and aggression: for only democracy, or a system yielding to the True Secularism can ever maintain itself against winds and storms of changing power: where the people are religious: they endorse what is mentally healthy: and what is moral: is most sane. Laws, on which nations are based are based on dignity, which is protected in religion: no system based on hiding or denying truth can ever maintain. The gospel is the basis of any nation, and must be endorsed by all nations.

Let us endorse: as true: the true one and only human right: that to human dignity: and expand this into those rights and laws which are just. Dignity is our only true constitution: the entirety of founding of nations depends on this one thing. The dignity of man is not singular: we all have one dignity: and when any bit of it is abused: all men suffer: for our shared single dignity is our united commonness. We are as many: yet our dignity: whom Christian call God's descending as man: is one: should it be wounded in one: it is wounded in all: so that even if man wounds his own dignity: he offends us also.

For dignity is the respect due to man: like blood thirsty beasts, who taste human flesh: it is departing from sanity, which is connection with truth: to deny dignity: so also: those who are allowed or allow one dignity to be abused; against justice: cause a society which disrespects all mens dignity.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

UN, World: EU in attempt at arrogant ideological supremacy: forcing gay marriages on world: if they can

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Catholic Culture 02/12/08; CNA -02/12/2008; LifeSiteNews 02/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In documents alleged to also call for euthanasia, and allowance of the genocide of Abortion in all countries, previously Catholic France: has used the EU, with all 27 states collaborating: to attempt to front their aim: "decriminalize" homosexuality globally: in a move seen by the Vatican as in danger of causing anti-religious movement. The EU plans to front this in the UN on December 10th.

The EU has of late in many ways openly rejected religion: Spain not only created a child as a portable blood bank, but outlawed crucifixes from universities and schools. Groups from foreigners, to immigrants, to religious minorities, have felt harsh persecution, from systems designed to create conformity to a societal push: far from European ideals. Recently, a "nun" who supported birth control died and was hailed as a "mother Theressa", by Secular EuroNews.

The right to altering truth: has been pushed: when an inch is given to those promoting dangerous, and societally damaging: disease encouraging sexual activity, or the killing of infants: they not only take their own countries, and media, but attempt to force their values on all other groups. The EU recently was involved with aggression in Georgia, where NATO, and EU friendly Georgia, along with Russia, were both accused of war crimes. The right to conscientiously object is being challenged: the right to belief also is.

The EU, seems: like a group of nations securing the mountaintop: watching as chaos reigns, attempting to govern the rest of the world: via media, force, and diplomacy. Previously such things were fronted as allowing "choice": yet, when given slight "choice", they grab more: so as to take away the choice of others. Such efforts seem largely aimed at Catholic and Islamic states: a clear target for a secularism, whereby all but atheists, and anti-religious are to be kept out of the public realm.

The situation in Georgia shows, as does the Congo, and Zimbabwe: a world: where politics govern which citizens of humanity are given military assistance: and which are left to starve and be raped. Oddly, a situation as in Africa: could be solved with such a small EU military campaign, and strategy of sanctions. Persecution in China, could be combated by simply morality laws. While child labor is still no big issue, while ethnic minorities suffer what is labeled a Genocide in parts of Europe: and called gypsies, as though it were some other species: while so much evil happens because of Europe, and Girls from countries such as mine can be kidnapped and taken to places like Holland: to be raped repeatedly for their "owners" to get profit: and sexually explicit broadcasting: proven in a recent secular study to promote teenage pregnancy: is broadcast: Europe seems drunk with her power and freedom. Even Ireland has become part of this.

"Free Love" relates to Free Diseases: as long as actions proven to spread disease, are encouraged: not just homosexuality: proven to be linked often with multiple partners, and unsafe practice: but also generally: promiscuity: sexual disease will continue to kill. God did not smite the world with aids: sexually explicit cultural change did that all of itself.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

South Africa, SADC Region, Africa: Government's focus on prevention with condoms backfires: "shortage in condoms"- pro-condom TAC: on E News

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. E News Channel (Secular) 26/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The TAC, has fronted on live television: claims that there are not enough condoms to meet demand in South Africa, and that all strategies should take over 6 months. This follows South Africa's insistence in originally not treating AIDS, leaving this to Roman Catholicism, then suggesting use of fruits and other plants, and miracle "cures" by persons associated with officials, and then fronting a condom campaign: which included a contraception day advertisement on facebook, where many teenagers hang out. Underage, or teenage, and premarital sex is common in South Africa. The Catholic weekly, the Southern Cross, sold in parishes, even apposed the Vatican in support of contraception (mind you, they have since been listed as a danger site by a major Catholic Watchdog : for their support of condoms, which is, and always has been decried by both Vatican and Catholic dogma), and the fact that Contraception campaigns to end AIDS, are very ineffective, compared with abstinence campaigns, well designed by governments, has not been noted in the more liberal media in South Africa.

We at South African Catholic have asked the DOH to consider mimicking the Ugandan abstinence project, seen as successful by the SACBC. Use of condoms is condemned as lust and masturbation by the Catholic Dogma, based on the death of Onan, who God smote for "spilling" his seed, in the bible, and on the definition of lust: pursuit of sexual pleasure apart from its unitive and pro-creative qualities.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sudan, North Africa: Bishops worried about increase in tentions between armed rebels and government troops

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; EWTN News (Catholic News Agency)25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

EWTN is hosting a story by Catholic News Agency, based on an article by Agenzia Fides: saying that the bishops in Sudan are warning of increased tensions and that a peace treaty may fall apart. The rebels say they are mirroring government efforts, the government says they are updating old weaponry: both are seemingly entered in a dangerous arms race, that could see a return to a war ended in 2005.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Belfast, Northen Ireland: Catholic fears following impasse prove true: bomb found at police station!

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; BBc World News (Secular)19/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Following appeals for keeping peace by a representative of the Catholic hierarchy in Northern Ireland, and warnings that a current impasse about who controls divisions of government governing police and justice: could cause violence: police in Belfast found a "Coffie Jar" Bomb nearby a police position.

This was after an eleventh hour of the night (23:00) call warning of the threat.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rwanda- Germany kicked out over arrest of Rwandan official- Germany joins France, and the Catholic church in being snubbed by the Rwandan President

(Social Justice South Africa; Scripturelink Voters guide; c.f. Reuters (Secular) AlertNet 11/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Germany is set to join France, the Catholic Church, and Rwanda's French speaking citizens on the list of people snubbed by the Rwandan government,an African administration accused by Congolese officials of funding an insurgency in their neighboring country- the DRC, an illegal conflict, which is strictly damaging the region, and aid efforts.

Rwanda's president is wanted by a French court, to face charges in the Hague for the murder of his predecessor, a death which caused the Rwandan genocide. A top aid was arrested by Germany in efforts to try the aid for the same plane crash incident. Rwanda's military's involvement in the DRC is confirmed as possible by representation of their government, who say proving it is another thing. The BBC reported of an incident of Rwandan troops firing at a United Nations attack helicopter in the neighboring Dr Congo, and others also give varying accounts. The Rebels in the DR Congo are of the tribe attacked in the genocide, and many of their victims are of the tribe which was largely seen as aggressive in the 1994 Genocide. Rwanda's president denies claims by parties including United Nations sources of involvement in the war in their neighboring nation, even as rebels in Congo claim to be there to fight Rwanda's own rebels. The requests involving solving the murder of the 1994 president of Rwanda, is the source of much of the Rwandan cuttings of ties.

French was recently removed as an official language in Rwanda, and government departments, and schools may no longer use this language. Since the French called for justice involving the Genocide, they, along with the Catholic church have suddenly been accused of involvement in the Genocide, by Rwanda's justice system.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

America- Bishops- Appose Obama on Abortion, life rights issues- Black president a good sign of racism's decline- Anti-Catholicism, another issue still

(Social Justice South Africa; Scripturelink Voters guide: How Catholics Should Vote in South Africa c.f. New York Times (Secular, liberal and considered antagonistic at times) 11/11/08; Catholic Culture 11/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The often antagonistic New York Times, is considering the fact that the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Biships's, has asked bishops to challenge Obama on abortion. Many bishops united, decried voting for the pro-abortion candidate during election races, and this will not stop when the man becomes president.

Already there is talk by "Democrats" of broadening abortion laws, and forcing insurance, and tax payers to foot the bill, and of economic strategies that will have to be based on further loans from China or elsewhere, but worse- many Catholics who did not vote Republican due to McCain's stance on Embryonic Stem Cell research- a definite evil, and sign of evil- Obama also plans to reverse legislation by George Bush, and pay for this with tax dollars.

Catholics who vote for a pro-abortion politician, incur an automatic excommunication unless other conditions exist which reduce culpability. With automatic excommunications- it is probably better to go with the Phrase guilty until proven innocent- in order to lift the spiritual ban on one's soul, just as with confessing- one should say- I may have done this, I am not sure, rather than leaving it out, but telling of their doubt where need be.

The bishops are realizing that many Catholics have excommunicated themselves, and therefor are compassionately apposing the Democrats, named by some as the "party of death", and by church representation as in danger of being branded such. The shepherds of the catholic Faith in America- are glad that there is a "black" American president, but while racism may be largely conquered, there are no illusions as to whether or not horrid anti-Catholic bigotry still exists in large portions of the American Population, according to the head of the conference- Cardinal George of Chicago. In fact, it seems to the bishops, that if Catholics want to succeed in public life in America, they are forced, or often choose to put aside their heritage. In America, like Great Britain, being faithfully Catholic and in politics, is almost an odd oxymoron for many.

For more see:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Johannesburg Archdiocese- get ready- register- vote

(Scripturelink Voters Guide)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Today I picked up Archdiocesan News, a monthly paper, or of that mix- it encourages our voting from the archdiocese, and tells us to register this current (now today, tomorrow)weekend, while we can. I am registering tomorrow morning, I missed today, and instead, went to confession. I plan to register tomorrow.

Register between 08:00 and 17:00.

Americas Abortion News- Insurance must pay up to help abortion, all restrictions to be lifted, state to fund genocide against unborn- This is the change Obama, who voted for allowing infanticide in failed abortions- Promised quite publically

(Social justice South Africa; How Catholics Should Vote in South Africa: Scripturelink Voters Guide; Chastity South Africa; c.f. EWTN News 07/11/08; CNS "blog" 07/11/08; CBCP News (Philippines Catholic Bishops) 07/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The man who voted for infanticide and broke promises, but not those about introducing shocking abortion legislation has done it again. Barak Hussein Obama has done something even Saddam Hussein may have bulked at- he has promised to lift all limits on abortion, use American Tax Dollars to fund it, and is to enforce the allowance of legislation to forcibly cover abortive pills on insurance, and add even more money towards sex education in schools. Abortion firm Planned Parenthood was the recipient of many of these promises, and will welcome them gladly, as they already are permitted to teach sex education in schools.

""The winning presidential candidate ran on a nebulous platform of 'change,' but 40 Days for Life provides something far more powerful - hope. Hope demonstrates that, with God's help, hundreds of lives can be spared from death by abortion. This fall, a political battle was lost," said Bereit, "but hundreds of lives were won. I am convinced that those victories will have far greater impact.""(EWTN News 07/11/08)

Most of Obama's votes are interesting. He got a record number of votes in Catholic states, despite the automatic excommunication (Canon 1398 of canon law c.f. Latae Sententiae) against any Catholic who supports abortion- including via voting, forbidding any participation in sacraments or sacramentals. With the new restrictions against conscience, Catholics will probably have to object in some form, even by helping anti-abortion campaigns- so as to not partake in the sin and excommunication as a collaborator.

Abortion fits an enacted legislative definition of Genocide according to the United Nations definition (Article 2 letter d).

40 days for life saved 540 babies from being killed in their last campaign and plan a next session on 25th February next year. One area where activists are opening a center- has more abortion facilities than those to actually give birth to children- this as world population rates are already declining under disease and lowering birth rates. The dangers of globally declining populations are not only seen in areas like Europe, where foreign populations are slowly filling the gaps, and cultures are mixing and being destroyed, but also in retirement plans, and in skills shortages and other terrible problems.

The American President-Elect, Barack Hussein Obama, who has no heritage of slavery,was brought up in Asia, not America, or Africa- and is quite literally African-American, (i.e. half white half Kenyan), also has apparently pledged to appoint pro-abortion supreme court judges in America, and to prevent individual states from preventing abortion, via waiting periods, or parental consent. Americans, like some early bloomers in BEE, have chosen a foreigner to fulfill their race conscious requirements, with many in the "Civil Rights" movement, who fought so hard to prevent discrimination against their own hides- openly supporting the man.

While commentary in the Southern Cross will this week join the secular press in hailing the first "African-American" president in America, even saying that the world will no longer hate them, truly- the populace of the Nation has gained friendship with the world, but at the cost of friendship with God. 50 million children, in America alone- have been unceremoniously, in a battle taking under five minutes, unless they are a bit larger- violently plucked from the womb in the country, and abstinence programs of sex education are at great risk. Only about 10 million Jewish people died in another campaign we may call a genocide- this is about five times the amount- 500% greater an afront, with about 4 to five thousand murders of fetuses, every day.

Barack Hussein Obama promised change- he had next to no experience to give it, and it seems the majority change he has introduced is to attempt to entirely conquer the field of abortion for his profit-making supporters.

America joins South Africa, and a select group of nations- in taking the choice to support life away from the conscientious objector. The real "pro-choice" vote should have been against the movement so well known for their support of killing those who are still unable to voice a protest.

When groups of humanity are treated as less than human, that is when alarm bells should be ringing. Speaking up is important, especially in self preservation, perhaps this poem from a bygone era will speak of this better than us:

"Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Kommunist.
Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.
Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert;
ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.
Als sie die Juden holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Jude.
Als sie mich holten,
gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte."

Translated as:

""In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.""

Or more directly:

"When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out."

I am not implying any connection between the American Democratic Party, and the Nazis, what I am saying is that as Catholics we believe abortion to be murder, and as Catholics we know that a Genocide is when conditions are created to allow the destruction of a group of society. If all ten year olds were to be allowed to be killed, it would be genocide. When Herod killed all children under two years, it was a genocide. And when one reduces births in a population in order to destroy part of all of a group- one is committing genocide according to the United Nations Definition.

Silence helps the oppressor, not the oppressed! please see the articles in Scripturelink Voters guide about the positions of South African parties on abortion and gay marriage, and the other 5 so-called non-negotiables for Catholics obedient to the papacy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scripturelink Voter's Guide- Democracy and Human Rights

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Scripturelink Encyclopedia: Democracy; Purify Your Bride 05/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Ultimately, as Jesus notes of men- a fig tree has figs. A moral people are more likely to choose a moral leader, and educated people are likely to choose an educated leader, and an honest people are likely to aspire to honesty. One must note that Christ prayed on who his disciples were, as did the apostles- in succeeding Judas. Prayer, morality, and education- in logic- and discernment, are vital in creating adequate democracy. As it is noted, and as I note- Moral Law- is only not apparent to those who, or whose societies commonly break it. Like pain, recurring, conscience is ignored, but without evil influences, at least theoretically- democratic governance can be beneficial. As Jesus notes- treat your fellow man as you’d have him treat you- the people, if powerful enough, and wise enough- can often create good laws, however- the bad democrat is no way superior to the good autocrat. It is the body, which produces a head, or destroys the cancerous offshoot. A good democracy, with descerning people can produce a good leader, as much as any other system." (Marc Aupiais, 2007, Scripturelink Encyclopedia)

With between 45 and 54% of Catholics in America, estimated to have automatically been excommunicated under canon law, while voting in the US election, or supporting the United States Democratic Party, one may wonder why the Vatican has not openly refused relations with the United States of America. This is a country, which much like South Africa- has legalized a Genocide against citizens of their own country- at least until they can be registered as citizens (i.e. via killing them in abortion), and also a genocide in general (UN Declaration on Genocide article 2 section d- preventing births in a population, entered into force as law).

The reason lies in something I wrote on the 24th of December 2007, something we must remember about any political appointment in a Democracy. Yes, what, half the American church is likely excommunicated, if they through a fault of their own either did not know to, or did not choose to follow canon law, but this is their own choice, and their own cold, dark- slimy responsibility. The election of a leader by the people reflects the people who vote for him. The Vatican understands the situation in the Western world, they know who the leaders are, they are not blind to Canon Law, they are not blind to the deep chasms between church, state and Catholic populace.

At the same time, they understand that a country's presidential choices reflect the populace. The choice for keeping steady in abortion policy, and expanding abortion, and supporting a man who voted for infanticide to be legalized- reflects the people who voted for this man. If the Vatican were to decry anything, it would be the culture, and people who elected this party into office, the apathy of such people, the self focus, and consumer driven world-view, the selfish economic policies, and social policies of such a society. The Vatican, and the Papacy have openly condemned all of these- why must they also condemn the spokesperson with whom they must work. For negotiations, this does not help much.

Every person who supported the "American Democrats", and/or Obama in this American election- is guilty of helping the genocide of abortion, and more than that are at deep risk of the automatic excommunication of Canon law, with few exceptions. This is not about pointless politics, or even point-full politics- it is about a culture in the dances of souls. Every small action affects the spiritual landscape of the world, with constant ripples on salvation of souls- even what we do in the privacy of the mind has effect on our resonance. The Vatican now, as during World War Two, is not the sole speaker of the church, nor is her shock troops- the church calls the laity such.

Until the culture of truth prevails- until we openly live Christ, and manifest truth with every inhale and exhale of breath's movements- we will continue to see a culture with no center attacking like a broken sea, against the scarred beach of Catholicism. Our center will always hold, because our center is Reality Himself, Literally, and Reality is the Mediator of Our Existence. Mother Church says that apart from the church there is no salvation. We cannot blame the Vatican, or God, or our bishops, or leaders for the inexcusable allowance of Genocide in our western world, via the killing of the unborn. We must turn within and blame ourselves, and realize our own errors in this- and then determine not to be silent, and not to be hidden.

We who speak of what is right have much less guilt, and we who vote for what is right perhaps have even less if we also speak of it.

As the advance of a counterculture of abortion, euthanasia, and ideologies apposed to truth and church does walk steadily forward, blowing war horns, and beating with drums, like blood surging, and damaging the veins- and the spray of blood within the organs. As this happens- those of goodwill, Godspeed, and conscience must not flee and scatter, but stand strong uniformly, as centurions in our Army of truth, raising shields, and standing as one, as the Trojans, or the Romans, or the Spartans would. We must stand like sailors against the storm, like warships going out to battle. Standing by doing nothing, is to participate in what is happening.

Our weapons are the gospel, logic, truth, and detail.

Our methods are prayer, self mortification, and a lifestyle, opinions, openness, and boldness which does not pretend not to be ourself.

Let us not let further excommunications take place, let us not let the body of the broken church in the broken world continue to lose blood. We are a broken church, broken at the cross, by the break-lines of truth, spreading across our dry desert surface. Our brokenness should be a sign of truth, and not of lack of it. Let us preach the truth openly, and without fear of society, or others' views. It is only by openness, honesty and the logic behind our choice that we will make a difference. The Pope is not our sole voice- the Vatican is quiet, listening carefully, hoping that we will speak, praying for an end to apathy in every way, to selfish market policies, to abortion, and shortcuts like atheistic communism, and other things which do not aid her mission.

It is not by keeping silent on political, moral, and religious issues that we are safe. Saint Paul saw this as part of our defensive armour. In Nations like India, or England, where for years- Catholics have been more silent on the Gospel, the fog of war allows for misunderstanding and more.

Catholics must unite behind the banner of the Papacy, the banner of the pillar and foundation of truth's very essence (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15), and we must join the battleground for the culture of the living truth. Nothing with human genes is anything less than human, and all that is human is worthy of human dignity- of being subject, and protected by others to and by Divine Law, and Natural Law.

Let us be the symbol, the sacrament, the paradox by which the world itself is saves- Let us Be Ecclesiam Veritas, Church of truth, and let us advance the human dignity to the far stretches, and barren wastelands, and hot, sweaty, humid rain-forests of our world, and to the depths of the oceans.

Until we take action through the right means, rather than just doing enough ineffectual "aiding" through corporates, and others selling substitutes for real help against the wines of conscience, we will not know what it is to be free. Freedom is at its fullest in sanity, and without sanity, we will never be free!

On this, on the need for justice, the Vatican has not been silent, and their silence is noise- for they are only silent when we cannot hear them. They have spoken on this issue loudly and clearly. It is now for us to amplify their voice- not just against individuals who are made examples by a culture. We have shown what these stand for, and still the culture of such accepts them, rather- let us show the logical, the social, the utter chasm of the fault in the society which supports Abortion and other issues, let us show them this through logic, love, truth and manifestation of honesty, through our every breath and via human dignity itself.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Social Justice South Africa- America goes with abortion candidate

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There were internet sites set up to tell Catholics that the Catholic thing was to vote for Obmama, and dissidents from right and left, including the daughter of Kennedy, who did so much damage to the faith- also tried to convince voters. Obama broke a gentleman's promise with McCain in making a half and hour advert from his own money, his competitors noted he was the first since Nixon to abandon public funding. He has a 100 % rating from one of the most pro-abortion firms in the world, voted for introducing infanticide for failed abortion attempts, and has an interesting record with God.

Despite the automatic excommunication of Canon Law, and the best efforts of the American bishops to appose a party so apposed to the church and her efforts, I have been made sure that many Catholics either voted Democrat, or else convinced others to or supported this. Unfortunately, they are not permitted to take any sacraments, including confession until the excommunication against them is lifted by the church. This does not lift duties they have, but does ban utterly any use of sacraments, in what the church calls medicinal punishment.

When attending confession they must note punishments against them- theirs is latae sententiae excommuncation for conspiring and abetting for the cause of abortion, and you need to ask for this to be lifted and absolved of. If you voted for or supported the Democrats- mention the excommunication, and if the powers to lift this have been distributed to priests in your area- they will hopefully lift it, otherwise, they should be able to tell you how to get it lifted.

Abortion is called Black Genocide, and this is not a reference to the UN declaration on genocide, which should be being used in the case of abortion- it refers to the fact that the African American population in America are being attacked at the base level by statistics of this. America lets their major abortion firm- "Planned Parenthood" teach sexual education in schools. What President Bush of America apposed- and took away was American funding of third world abortion. Also- America under Bush, managed to prevent a lifting on the World Moratorium on human cloning.

Was the other Candidate a saint, no- but the candidate the church has been fighting so hard against for ages has gotten in. McCain, despite perception was no Bush ally- Bush didn't even really help with his campaign, or at all if I recall. They also were rivals in their previous attempting to be the Republican candidate in the previous election. Obama has no real experience in policy (BBC World News), he has less than Palin did. The colour of a person's skin does not determine how good they are for Africa or the world. We've seen that in Africa.

Sadly- the current financial crisis could have been avoided- Obama's competitor, McCain co-sponsored a bill to allow reform of the financial sector in 1992, which was apposed by the Democrats. Ultimately, for Catholics who voted Republican or supported the Republican ballot- their reward is their position safe in Mother church- unlike others they are not excommunicated, or in doctrinally a position known as mortal sin. They can take communion this Sunday, and retain office in the church. The sad part for the church- is an administration which has routinely used and abused religion- twisted her teachings in public and with great scandal, and utterly apposes her in many places.

This is not a better day for Africa or the world- only an exiting day for a true African America- in the Literal sense- Obama isn't even more than half African in heritage if I recall. Those wanting an African President will still have to wait- Obama is still what, half white.

Please see our information about abortion and Excommunication:

And on the UN declaration on Genocide:
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Reservations, entry into force etc

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Politics-McCain and the campaign auction on SNL

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; c.f. CNN 02/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Politics has allot to do with selling- Barack Obama (no relation to anyone with the name Osama, the b is quite important in showing this), is used to this- he is a best selling political author, and has more experience voting for killing abortion survivors by withholding treatment, than on any beneficial bill. McCain, a war hero, ex-war prisoner, and a maveric with years of experience in politics, is finding it hard to compete with a personality cult- based on creating a sign to the world. Oddly, Obama, if he gets in- will persecute the Black community heavily- in a country which already lets abortion firm "Planned Parenthood" (who recently tried to force a two child limit on third world Philippines), teach sex education in schools- it is estimated that the black community in America, is being destroyed by high abortion rates.

One sees African American voters singing hymns to their Obama, and oddly having sudden reasons why they should vote the completely inexpirienced coloured (not black) candidate in. Mostly we desire someone who will have empathy to our kind, but Obama for black people will be far worse than Kennedy was for Catholic's culture. Obama will likely reintroduce American funding for third world abortion programs, he will likely appoint pro-abortion, pro-death judges, and will likely give even more money to American abortion firms. It may be noted that in 1992 already the republicans tried to reform America's financial policy, in a bill sponsored by Senator McCain, the democrats rejected the attempt. Bush and McCain also are surprisingly relative adversaries, who ran against each other to be a candidate eight years ago.

So, how does McCain counter Obama's past's promises of cheaper abortions, and campaign contradictions, but with the cheaper taxes he doesn't mention will probably be aided by the less costs needed in paying for genocide in other nations (United Nations declaration article 2 section d). Now he is getting further, the Republican appeared on Saturday Night Live, to spoof himself, "selling" campaign products, and "appearing" on the home shopping network to combat Obama's 30 minute "presidential" add. McCain may well be way further ahead in polls, as when black and white candidates in past elections have competed, the polls generally show more support for black candidates- than the election results do.

As a Catholic who is neither black, nor interested in a man who will continue the persecution of black people in America, I can only say I hope those Obama supporting Catholics realize- that after this election they will need to find someone to lift the automatic excommunication placed on them by the church under canon law.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mbeki to quit politics- form pressure group

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide ; c.f. News 24 (Secular) 31/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Beeld is reporting that E-x-President Thabo Mbeki will not be endorsing either ANC group- which is good news for those apposing the abortion policies of our government. Instead he will create a political pressure group.

For the full story, we have linked to news 24 who have posted the Beeld's story, it may be seen in our c.f. (See also) link at the top of this article.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Southern Cross echos calls for peaceful conduct in Next year's election- suggests voting- even via spoiling papers

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Southern Cross (Fidelity issues, link removed: new link explains why) (Catholic Weekly) 29/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The editor of the Southern cross, just today posted a recent commentary- in which he calls the fears of Cardinal Napier, our cardinal, archbishop of Durban- valid. The Southern Cross is asking of parties to conduct themselves respectfully in the election, or at least its editor- Gunther, who is the Editor of the above mentioned Catholic Weekly, is.

Recently, DA members were attacked by people who claimed to support the ANC, by an informal settlement in Johannesburg.

The Cardinal fears violence between different parties breaking out in bloodshed. Already, there has been violence between parties, use of the media, intimidation, and calls for what seems to be bloodshed by supporter's of the ruling ANC's president, Jacob Zuma.

Gunther Simmermacher, editor of the Southern Cross, says that if South Africans and Catholics vote, perhaps for our small, but vocal, and democratically supporting opposition, or, even spoiling their ballots- so as to show their voice; together they will show a powerful front. He believes that spoiling your vote could show that you don't believe any of the parties fit to represent you.

On this suggestion, unless absolutely necessary to get a vote- we must object, as we have proven- there are political parties, however small in the last election- in South Africa, for whom a vote would help change things, even a small opposition has a voice which can resonate though nations. Just as Catholics have no right to vote ANC, despite Lekota's status as a Catholic, I doubt they can vote for the off-shoot either- there was no huge media circus by either group's leaders when the entire ANC was obligated by Mbeki to uphold Mandela's ideas, by advancing abortion laws even further. Limiting the births in a population so as to reduce it constitutes genocide according to article 2 section D of the United Nations' General Assembly's '50's vote, by which war criminals are to be prosecuted for genocide.

Collaborating in abortion, and this cannot exclude voting for parties more likely to support it, is an excommunicable offense. What is the best way to fight this- we don't know- perhaps a vote for the invisible man, as Gunther suggests, or perhaps a vote for the opposition in a hope that their more stable views will help fight the madness of some decisions of South African politicians. Neither the ANC, nor the MF, nor the UDF, are parties, Catholics can with any amount of faith, knowing their stance on abortion and other issues, possibly in good conscience vote for- but that does not exclude every political party. We can vote for a less bad party, so as to demonstrate our voice, and help fight the great harm of a pro-abortion government.

When the election comes closer, we will do more thorough investigations into the other 5 non-negotiables, and how South Africa's parties stand on these, but in the meantime, we simply agree with the Southern Cross- vote, even if you vote by spoiling your ballot- we must fight this evil- but a vote for the opposition, is like spoiling your ballot twice. Which opposition party to vote for will be a hard decision.

The stance of most of the mainstream political parties on Homosexuality can be seen here, along with how they have voted on abortion; to aid your vote:

Big political parties:

DA's policy on Moral Conscience, which allows MP's to vote as they choose on moral issues, which differs from other parties, and ANC's ("Abortion should be a Right") Abortion mentality from before first post-apartheid election:

Abortion is pointless and immoral

7 non-negotiables for Catholics in South Africa

Monday, October 20, 2008

Israeli leading party in Anti-Catholic media brawl

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. BBC World News 20/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

BBC is reporting that a large number of pictures combined in a montage as one- of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI have been placed, covered in symbols of Nazi Germany on a website run by supporters of Yalla Kadima, Israel's most popular political party. This follows previous attacks by Israelis on the courageous efforts of Pope Pius XII, which involved the risk of his own life to defend Jews undergoing at the time Nazi persecution, in which they said he could have "done more", some of these earlier attacks came from the first non-Christian, a Jewish speaker- ever invited to a recent Catholic Synod on the bible. Pope Pius XII is being considered for canonization.

According to the BBC- the Israeli government considers the Vatican to be "pro-Palestinian" and there are issues between Holy Mother church- and Israel such as problems with visas, as well as disagreements over taxation of church properties.

Tzipi Livni, the leader of the party some of whose supporters placed the images on a website used by activists of the party, who is trying to become Israel's prime minister- is said to have personally asked for the removal of the montage. Apparently, according to a spokesperson claiming to represent the leader of the party concerned, just before the montage was removed that is- the views expressed on the site are not an accurate reflection of the views of the party. It is odd- that when attempting to promote Jewish interests, as regards the Holocaust - that those responsible should themselves partake in the defamation of religious figures- and the propagation of negative sentiments of another's religion- especially as this is the very foundation of the Holocaust they experienced.

Other issues with Israel reported- include the wording of the "Yad Vashem" holocaust memorial- which is less than kind to Pope Pius XII, and represents a view of the World War II pope- which the Vatican cannot possibly agree with- based (The Vatican's view that is) on the actual history of what occured.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pope- Church needs to be in political sphere of things

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Zenit News Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has once again fronted the truth that the church and state can live in harmony- showing how the Vatican and Italy have been able to respect each one's sovereignty. However- he believes that the freedom the church requires in God should not be limited to freedom to practice religion- but also freedom to influence the political and public square of the ever varying and sometimes hostile environments, in which she finds herself.

Once again, while allowing states to be run by laymen, or by foreigners to the church, Benedict- while respecting the concept- the Priest must never bear the sword (Summa Theologica- Saint Thomas Aquinas- Doctor of the Church), Benedict XVI once again shows us how vital it is for Catholics to become inebriated in grace- within the political spectrum- so as not only locally, but certainly locally- but also through the use of states- the universal truth may be made clearly known- and good may be fought for, as it once was yielded against the Donatists, when they thought they could murder with impunity.

Church and state are separate- but not layman and state- and nor should the morals guiding the church and the morals of the state be separate- rather the laws of the land must be made to reflect the laws of conscience and church. The Catholic is obligated to influence the political scene in which he exists, and the church has every right to be shown very publicly to be true.

Benedict XVI understands more than many that the church is the conscience of the state, and its watchdog- it must be fully empowered through allowance of it in the Public Realm- so as to permit it to do the work of fighting for what is right and true, through itself and through governments. Church and state may be two separate powers, but they exist in but one reality, with one God- and as such must be on the same side- least the state turn on the church as in Vietnam currently- where the Bishops are asking for our prayers.

Once again- Benedict XVI shows us the importance of voting for those who best reflect the church- and of having the church as a public teacher and warning for all our brothers in humanity!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

ID and PAC, ACDP, DA on Gay Marriage and Abortion

(Scripturelink Voters guide)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It seems from my research that every single opposition party, except the UDM which refused participation, and the DA, who allowed their MPs to vote with conscience- apposed the ANC bill which forced through Gay marriage- by not allowing ANC MPs to vote against such.

As for Abortion- The DA, always allows freedom of conscience to MPs on Moral issues, but the ANC has it in their manifesto, or plan, whatever it may be- since the 1994 election- that Abortion should basically be a right for women. The ANC of course passed both abortion and Gay marriage in South Africa with their parliamentary advantages- and by forcing their MPs to vote against conscience and for the party. For the abortion bill we have Mandela and the liberation Generals of the ANC to thank. To vote ANC was the matter of Mortal sin in every previous election- but if one did not know the facts- perhaps one is innocent- of course in the next election no Catholic who knows their policies can avoid mortal sin by voting ANC.

DA is very clever- they don't bring morals into force on others- and therefore can almost always be voted for at present because their policies on the major issues usually are- it involves morals- let us leave it to conscience. Not that I don't wish they had said- automatic opposition though!

On the more recent "Termination of Pregnancy Amendment bill", which was worse than the previous one- showing just how much further the ruling party seems constantly to fall towards non-negotiables- the African Christian Democratic Party, the Freedom Front, the Federation of Democrats where quick to vote against the additional measure, all as the Democratic Alliance permitted their members freedom of vote as they chose, which probably could mean for, as many hopefully voted against on the matter. This as 9 out of every 10 South Africans drastically appose abortion. Many of the abortions performed here, are from people who come across the border to use the free facilities.

Now the PAC and ID vote on this isn't noted by news 24. Other sources noted that in addition to the ACDP and FF, and FD, the UCDP and the IFP which openly apposed this additional legislation. The ID allowed a free vote, as the DA always does while and this is revolting, and means these parties should be added to your never vote for if possible list- ANC, UDM and MF all were in support of the bill.

Apparently the ruling party, and supporters of this bill- acting against the people's wishes- have yet to have a single MP publicly defend these actions, as asked by "ChristianView Network" (P E Church Net- 19/08/2004) who offered two thousand rand to anyone who could find such a parliamentarian.

And so- so far the parties South African Catholics will likely commit mortal sin in voting for are the ANC, UDM, and MF.

As for the ID, before 2003 they did not exist, so we couldn't find their original votes. The party's well known leader was a PAC member- part of a party known for the policy of some members of one "settler" one bullet, and has been in some controversial issues. The ACDP- is a protestant parrty, but a small party, and I don't know where they stand on other issues. The DA are our largest opposition, and have no official view on morality issues.

Parties, which on these two issues seem relatively clean are the DA, ID, ACDP and FF, and FD, the UCDP and the IFP. We do not know the policies of the PAC on these, but they seems against. One must not forget the calls of some of their party's members in the past calls for what sounded like genocide against white people in the past though- which could place them as a don't vote for party. Yes, the claim is that "One settle one bullet" refered to oppressors- but some murders show a different perspective in some of their listeners. The ID comes as an offshoot from the PAC, and this could be an issue on which to avoid votes for them. Of course- in modern times- the PAC has distanced itself very much from such statements. It has not stopped them asking in the TRC for amnesty for some killers of white persons.

Parties on these two issues, which cannot be voted for are: ANC, UDM, and MF.

As our first article states- your mortal soul is on the line when voting- keep this in mind. Please join our facebook group and spread the news.

If any of our facts are in any way incorrect, please inform us. They are based on internet sources- mostly linked to news sources, but mistakes do happen.

As for resources- we don't endorse the sites we have linked to- but they are the sites we have based our information on among others

recent vote:

A site we know little of:
Mail and Guardian
News 24,,2-7-12_2253844,00.html

Gay Marriage:

Original Abortion vote:
another site we don't know anything of

Unfortunately- we are one of the only Catholic News Services to have a strong online basis in South Africa- so we don't exactly have too many in-house resources to go on!

PAC- some supporters claiming- One settle One bullet:

Note: phrases like mortal sin- are Catholic theological phrases- referring to sins which require confession in order to take communion in the church. Those in mortal sin are considered in a deep danger in Catholic theology- however out statements purely refer to catholic terms- for the spiritual edification of Catholics, to whom Mortal Sin is thought to be a prevention of their achieving spiritual edification.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Democratic Alliance (DA) and issues of faith

(Scripturelink Voters Guide)

Article By Marc Aupiais

While the DA itself has not answered us on their position on such issues, several internet sources we have made use of- with different views of the given party- show a relative reluctance, even negative response from this party to the Gay Marriage, and Abortion laws in South Africa.

In such matters- the DA has always- it seems- afforded their MPs a free vote, as they are matters of conscience- but the DA does seem more friendly to the Catholic view on these matters- than the ANC, who have been blamed by many for forcing such issues through parliament.

Once again we must note, the ANC under Nelson Mandela gave us our current abortion laws, and the ANC is the authority in place under which gay marriage was legalized and other issues have occurred. As always- we recognize the need for South African catholics to vote for opposition parties, as the ANC consistently disappoints, I personally am impressed however by how the DA handled these issues- they truly do seem as a party with a very wise, and stable opposition.

to see issues, other than those like communism, another in which the ANC fails- and lands itself on the non-voting list for- see the 7 non-negotiables based on the 5 non-negotiables, which mention 7 global issues, and five applicable to Americans- from Catholic Answers Action in America.

The seven non-negotiables for Catholic Voters in South Africa:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Abortion arguments and the ultimate illogic of our laws on abortion

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the 700 billion dollar bailout of the US banking sector expected to pass- one thing is certain- the concept of this itself is foreign to the American spirit- but they have been convinced that it is necessary- and so many will vote for it.

Now, let us look at abortion- many abortion advocates want abortion until birth- that is that path pro-abortion states often go, further than already forcing South African citizens to deny their religious obligations- by aiding abortionists.

So, what is the difference between the unborn and the born- to me it lies in a small document- it lies in citizenship- these peoples are not citizens of South Africa yet- and we often get away with actions against foreigners that we could never get away with against our own citizens.

Apparently, it was Mandela's government which legalized abortion, this is what Wikipedia and other sources tell us about this famous man so many South Africans have grown to Idolize- under him- abortion became widely legal.

Is the argument that Mandela was in support of abortion, or in the very minimum that his government at least was- an argument that justifies it. I say no to this.

Now- those in support have argued- yes but those women would get it anyway- in fact- they even kill the child once it's borne. I will not repeat the rest of the argument- due to the way it views many less well off South Africans- what I will do is combat it.

Because rape is done anyway- should we legalize a less violent form of it?
Should we allow people to bring others they don't like into hospitals for killing them?
after all- both of these issues can't be stopped entirely by legal systems- is it right however to do lesser systems of it- or restrain a victim to protect the oppressor- in a safer environment in which they can perform what they desire in their best interest.

Others say- let us permit abortion and contraception to reduce world population, but according to the 1951 UN declaration on Genocide, by which we prosecute war criminals- these people are advocating genocide (article 2 section d).

Others still say- these children are not intelligent yet- so, are we to make a scale of intelligence, like in some brilliantly thought out sci-fi fantasies- and kill all those below it?

Others say- the child is not alive- but how then and when then does life begin- surely- science can't create life- so how can it say when it begins- all it can say is- surely- the sperm was alive- but even as millions of sperm died on the way to the womb, we were not able to save these lives of what is not yet identified by most as human. The sperm certainly is not the same life-form as the mother.

It is now that the sperm and the egg combine- whether or not the sperm dies in this- well I don't know- but it certainly combines with the egg to form something neither entirely from the mother, nor entirely from the father. Again- at this point many people die, they also die in miscarriage- but again we cannot prevent this entirely.

Now, the church itself does not allow condoms- it thinks it wrong to automatically cause the sperm death, of course in the case of Natural Family Planning- they use the argument of Abraham- whose infertile 100 year old or so wife conceived a child.

So- we admit that the thing that emerges in conception- is independent of mother and father- it has unique genes, and can replicate it's own cells. Like we rely on our planet to survive- it too rely's on its environment- the womb.

Now, if we quash someone's dreams before they know what they are- we still quash them- if it is going to be human with all certainty unless we intervene- then it is our fault if it ceases to be- as it is- it is human- simply at an earlier stage.

Murder is the purposeful killing of another through action or purposeful inaction, where the other is not in this death being justly punished for a crime, or else is not an unjust aggressor, or supporter of unjust aggression.

Nothing a child who is not capable of aggression yet can do is unjust as yet.

Ultimately- I see no circumstance in which we validly allow abortion, in that the life taken is not guilty of anything. Of course, for some reason, despite many South Africans agreeing with me- our government, under Nelson Mandela- chose to further allow more than highly limited abortion in our country. Is this right?

All I know is that what is legal and what is moral is not always the same thing- even as the only real justification of any legal system is necessity and morality- otherwise it simply becomes a system of oppression of others- that gain may be made by certain groups who it benefits.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vatican- politics worthless without Christ- Christ must feature in voting

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; Zenit News Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican secretary of state yesterday stated that secularism, which is in his opinion void of values, politics, and all such things must only be means by which the values of God are implemented within the world, stating that without Christ- states quickly learn to ignore the greater good.

He identified the recent financial crisis, the "credit crunch" in the developed would as evidence of what happens when societies aim for the short-term above what is beneficial over the long term.

Some sources claim that the recent crisis would have been entirely avoided if a 1992 bill sponsored by political presidential candidate- McCain had been successful- the entire financial crisis in America would not have occured.

A voice from within the bishops, recently gave the US government five principles on which to fix the crisis. (c.f. Zenit News 29/09/08).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Catholics must get involved with politics, and reject Secularism- Holy See

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; c.f. Zenit News Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Secretary of the "Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace", Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, spoke yesterday to Italian Catholics- saying that Catholics must vote and vote with the church and get involved in Politics. He criticized the movement to Secularism- saying that the church, as Benedict XVI, had told the church earlier, must get involved with society and politics- in fact- that Christ is indispensable to society- and that Catholics must take an utterly active role in politics.


Catholics are obligated to vote for the most prudent choice in leaders of their society- and to take an active role in promoting Catholic Morals, and world-view in the public and private arena of their society- making disciples (learners)of all people- but leaving conversion as a choice- but not opposition to Natural Law- which should be permiated within legal systems as what the church might consider their only real justification.

Ideas such as separation of church and state are secular values from the French enlightenment, accompanying a rejection of Catholicism- religious can't take political office, under current canon law- so as to remain objective, and as the Priest cannot hold the sword (Saint Thomas Aquinas), however laymen are encouraged to hold office, and partake in politics- pushing the views and values of Church, and necessity of Christ on society- even as respecting the choice of some to not worship our God- but not their right to blaspheme our religion.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New SA "President" won't change a policies "that works"

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; Agenzia Fides 26/9/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

On Friday- Agenzia Fides Reports- South Africa's new President acknowledged the volatility of the global economy and has stated he won't change policies he sees to be working. He has insured the re-installation of Trevor Manuel, who recently resigned, and then had a change of heart, perhaps unrelated, but after a preview of economic fallout.

The New President recently replaced controversial previously health minister Manto, who is famous for associations with people claiming to cure aids with vitamins. Despite her fame for claims involving HIV and Lemons, the ANC has maintained her as Minister of the Presidency (Agenzia Fides 26/9/2008).

Agenzia Fides claims that analysts say that the ANC has over this ten year term- lost 30% of their voting public.

Helen Zille- in charge of the Democratic Alliance (DA) - praises Catholic organization

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Southern Cross (Fidelity issues discovered, link shows our retraction of using their news); Catholic Culture)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The leader of South Africa's DA, Helen Zille- according to the Southern Cross, has praised the Catholic Women's League- for their part in the Church, and in moulding democracy in positive directions. This was at the 25th annual CWL conference banquet in applicable areas.

She reminded the Organization of its own fallibility, and said this was a basic evolutionary part of democracy- the admittal that persons can make mistakes and operate within "checks and balances" (Southern Cross article).

More controversial aspects of the 77 year old South African Branch's international Organization- are noted by Catholic Culture in a separate article (Article by Catholic Culture), such as supporting a pro-"choice" (pro killing unborn children), pro-homosexuality march in Canada- along with other organizations. The march also was in support of "women's rights", as we have no further information on it- we have only spoken of the problems we see in the actions of their Canadian branch, many of whose members were shocked at the march against life, which stipulated itself as such.

The DA has been campaigning as the largest South African Opposition party, for a while now- aiding poor people with needed necessities and had partaken in other actions. Helen Zille- who left the ANC for the DA, near the beginning of our Democracy- to apparently help ensure a balance of power in Democracy- is a noted opposition figure, and mayor of Cape Town, where it seems the meeting took place.

She went to Saint Mary's as a child, however, Helen Zille's religion is uncertain to us at the moment.

Basically- we see this as an endorsement of a Catholic Organization by the Mayor of Cape Town.

The Catholic Women's League's home page in South Africa is

Their main purpose seems to be charity. They are endorsed by the South African Bishops Conference.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

South Africa's new president- no general election!

(c.f. E News Channel)

Article By Marc Aupiais

With a quarter of Parliament voting for the DA's candidate over the ANC's, and an oddly chummy atmosphere given by the MF and IFP- towards the ANC over the past few days- the ANC has gotten their way with a new president.

The PAC used this to appeal to get some of their members out of jail- while some opposition parties used this to cannibalize on their fellows for ANC approval.

The way in which the ID allied with the ANC in the past against the DA- was not overly present today- rather- they brought attention to the facts- and asked for justice over the arms deal. The DA- using their Democratic right sent forth their own, black candidate to combat the election- where 400 people alone got to choose our president. The spunk of the opposition is to admired- sadly many of the parties, including the so-called ACDP- seemed more interested in praying for the new "President" to have wisdom, or in telling stories than in bringing up how irregularly this procedure occurred. Some brought up that Mbeki was being fired- not for being guilty of crime- but for mere insinuation by a judge not judging him.

The factional infighting of the ANC- which is so damaging our Nation's image was credited by some for this quick election.

With many spoiled papers and absent parliamentarians- this new election is truly a sad manifestation of both the power of one political party- one which a Catholic cannot justly vote for- due to their connection with the communist party and support of abortion- but also of how politics have degraded our nation.

The speaker and others insulted some speakers as I watched- and when one parliamentarian spoke- there were false roaring sounds in the crowd of parliamentarians. This reminds one of the disrespect shown once when a DA parliamentarian took the role of speaker- and was insulted for her attire, and disrespected quite shamefully.

Sadly- as long as one party has such majority- South Africans are not likely to see much progress- because a powerful party is not accountable to its voters.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trevor Manuel Resigns

((South African)Scripturelink Voters Guide; c.f. E News Channel)Thabo Mbeki has been followed by 10 cabinate ministers, and3 deputy ministers- including our world renound finance minister- when he was forced out of office by his political rival Jacob Zuma's ANC.

Oddly- a member of AZAPO also resigned- there is a possibility that a new party will form- either under AZAPO- making sense of their resignation- or separately under another banner.

Those who are in office- are not the persons in charge of the party which was elected- and those who replace the world renowned finance minister, and these many ministers- also will not have been voted for by the people- nor was an ANC under Mr Jacob Zuma- who has struggled in any way possible to avoid being tried for corruption- even when another man was convicted of having a "corrupt" relationship with Mr Zuma- the president of the ANC- whose followers- all South Africans have heard- calling for the annihilation of the opposition- and to kill those apposing their new "revolution".

All this said- perhaps a weaker ANC means less corruption- means less crime- and better governance- because without strong opposition- a party has no need to impress.

Which opposition party will benefit most is unclear-

what is clear is the weakness of the party system in South Africa- where votes for new party presidents- can change the president of the country.

Whatever country Malema takes over as interim president- there is a very gray future ahead for any who desire growth in this coming period- the Rand already is falling.

This all said- there are many fighting for the ideals our country was founded on- the future is not all gray-

Further- we do not know the details of these political battles- perhaps we are wrong about our views- yes- Catholics are not allowed to vote ANC, since they are connected with communism- but as to whether this is good or bad- a weaker ruling party is good for everyone- including that party- in that it forsters accountability!

According to E-News Channel- the Finance, and deputy of finance, correctional services, and other vital ministers have resigned.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ANC and communism and other issues

This is not an endorsement of either camp in the ANC, nor a statement of guilt- 
Facts based on articles in The Star, and Mail and Guardian, and interpretation.

With rumors that the ANC will suspend Mr President Mbeki's membership so as to get those loyal to the ZUMA camp into office prior the election- or to quote their sources- because a judge investigating charges against mr ZUMA, determined to make allegations about the cabinate and Mr Mbeki- which have been used to justify the Zuma camp of the ANC- and has resulted in some press houses suddendly becomming quiet- as others continue to tell the story they always have been telling.

A split could emerge from this sort of action- which would be good for the opposition- especially because of the ties the ANC- especially the NEC has to the communist party- something which forces Catholics to vote opposition already- even without their support for abortion and other issues.

The acting itself- in a Party run democracy may well go ahead- as many of these issues have without any real power protesting.

South African Catholics should join the Vatican in her explicit rejection and choice to appose communism in every area.

Further we must pray continually for our own protection in an increasingly unstable nation.

We must further inform our fellows about the votting requirements- and remember to pray.

Governments are by nature sought by those seeking power- it is the job of the Catholic- to be a watchdog over every institution he aids- least he participate in their sins by silence.

For this reason we musty pray for God's will triumphant- and inform our fellows of our political views- as politics, and every realm of life has impact over religious matters.

God Bless,

Marc Aupiais

Communism in Perspective

We might also note that communism is explicitly condemned by the church- but there are very few Catholic voters who would vote that way in any case!

It is something Catholics are told to directly and universally appose as at utter emnity to Catholicism in DIVINI REDEMPTORIS by POPE PIUS XI

For other local issues, we will keep you informed!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

7 Non-negotiables for Catholic Voters In South Africa and abroad

As our mortal Souls are on the line when we vote, this takes discretion, and luckily Catholic Answers Action, hosted by the Famous Catholic Answers Apolostate, along with the American Church has given us a guide on voting, which we have adopted for widers use (the two additional non-negotiable facts are also in their list, but as additionals for other environments).

The church tells us clearly-

Your soul is onthe line when you vote. 

The Seven (7) Non-Negotiables for South African voters who adhere to the church

The five Non-negotiable for Catholic voters lists 7 issues which are not negotiable for catholics, when all parties with a chance of making a real difference are in support of such issues, the Catholic has the obligation to vote for the party which does less damage.

The issues that cannot be voted for in any circumstance are notable, (c.f. five non-negotiables for references)

  1. These include genocide- the promotion of murder based on political, ideological, or tribal choices, or race. (Promotion of this, or endorsement of those who do is mortal sin).A too wide use of or promotion of the death penalty falls into this, but not a limited death penalty.
  2. Abortion- the intentional killing of unborn children (as is legal in South Africa).
  3. Euthanasia- the killing of those who are old, weak, or sick, often disguised as mercy killing, this is mortal sin.
  4. Embrionic Stem Cell Research, cloning and Genetic Modification- these violate the nature of creation and are labled- playing God- the murder of the cells for this is abortion. 
  5. Human Cloning- this entails murder and playing God.
  6. Anything against Marriage- marriage must be promoted via politics, and public influence by these as the union between one man and one woman.
  7. Contraception- a promotion of a licid atmosphere towards contraception by a political party or candidate- makes them a party not to vote for. Any promoting the arguments for this or abortion as valid, and using means to convince the public that these are valid- cannot be voted for by Catholics.

South African Catholics should take into account that they are required to participate in voting, and that we commit mortal sin by partaking in mortal sin(the mortal sin of promoting intrinsic evil, or not trying to limit the harm of it, we partake in the sins of others by support of their actions, or by not acting against their actions). I.e. We must vote opposition, if the likely party supports these issues, and choose which of these is most in-line with the specifications- especially a firm resolve if they have it against abortion, and a widespread death penalty. Simply wanting a limited death penalty is not sinful, only when it's aim is to reduce crime by fear, and not to in limited circumstances get rid of threats!

South African Catholic

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