Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trevor Manuel Resigns

((South African)Scripturelink Voters Guide; c.f. E News Channel)Thabo Mbeki has been followed by 10 cabinate ministers, and3 deputy ministers- including our world renound finance minister- when he was forced out of office by his political rival Jacob Zuma's ANC.

Oddly- a member of AZAPO also resigned- there is a possibility that a new party will form- either under AZAPO- making sense of their resignation- or separately under another banner.

Those who are in office- are not the persons in charge of the party which was elected- and those who replace the world renowned finance minister, and these many ministers- also will not have been voted for by the people- nor was an ANC under Mr Jacob Zuma- who has struggled in any way possible to avoid being tried for corruption- even when another man was convicted of having a "corrupt" relationship with Mr Zuma- the president of the ANC- whose followers- all South Africans have heard- calling for the annihilation of the opposition- and to kill those apposing their new "revolution".

All this said- perhaps a weaker ANC means less corruption- means less crime- and better governance- because without strong opposition- a party has no need to impress.

Which opposition party will benefit most is unclear-

what is clear is the weakness of the party system in South Africa- where votes for new party presidents- can change the president of the country.

Whatever country Malema takes over as interim president- there is a very gray future ahead for any who desire growth in this coming period- the Rand already is falling.

This all said- there are many fighting for the ideals our country was founded on- the future is not all gray-

Further- we do not know the details of these political battles- perhaps we are wrong about our views- yes- Catholics are not allowed to vote ANC, since they are connected with communism- but as to whether this is good or bad- a weaker ruling party is good for everyone- including that party- in that it forsters accountability!

According to E-News Channel- the Finance, and deputy of finance, correctional services, and other vital ministers have resigned.

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