Saturday, October 4, 2008

Democratic Alliance (DA) and issues of faith

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Article By Marc Aupiais

While the DA itself has not answered us on their position on such issues, several internet sources we have made use of- with different views of the given party- show a relative reluctance, even negative response from this party to the Gay Marriage, and Abortion laws in South Africa.

In such matters- the DA has always- it seems- afforded their MPs a free vote, as they are matters of conscience- but the DA does seem more friendly to the Catholic view on these matters- than the ANC, who have been blamed by many for forcing such issues through parliament.

Once again we must note, the ANC under Nelson Mandela gave us our current abortion laws, and the ANC is the authority in place under which gay marriage was legalized and other issues have occurred. As always- we recognize the need for South African catholics to vote for opposition parties, as the ANC consistently disappoints, I personally am impressed however by how the DA handled these issues- they truly do seem as a party with a very wise, and stable opposition.

to see issues, other than those like communism, another in which the ANC fails- and lands itself on the non-voting list for- see the 7 non-negotiables based on the 5 non-negotiables, which mention 7 global issues, and five applicable to Americans- from Catholic Answers Action in America.

The seven non-negotiables for Catholic Voters in South Africa:

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