Thursday, September 18, 2008

ANC and communism and other issues

This is not an endorsement of either camp in the ANC, nor a statement of guilt- 
Facts based on articles in The Star, and Mail and Guardian, and interpretation.

With rumors that the ANC will suspend Mr President Mbeki's membership so as to get those loyal to the ZUMA camp into office prior the election- or to quote their sources- because a judge investigating charges against mr ZUMA, determined to make allegations about the cabinate and Mr Mbeki- which have been used to justify the Zuma camp of the ANC- and has resulted in some press houses suddendly becomming quiet- as others continue to tell the story they always have been telling.

A split could emerge from this sort of action- which would be good for the opposition- especially because of the ties the ANC- especially the NEC has to the communist party- something which forces Catholics to vote opposition already- even without their support for abortion and other issues.

The acting itself- in a Party run democracy may well go ahead- as many of these issues have without any real power protesting.

South African Catholics should join the Vatican in her explicit rejection and choice to appose communism in every area.

Further we must pray continually for our own protection in an increasingly unstable nation.

We must further inform our fellows about the votting requirements- and remember to pray.

Governments are by nature sought by those seeking power- it is the job of the Catholic- to be a watchdog over every institution he aids- least he participate in their sins by silence.

For this reason we musty pray for God's will triumphant- and inform our fellows of our political views- as politics, and every realm of life has impact over religious matters.

God Bless,

Marc Aupiais

Communism in Perspective

We might also note that communism is explicitly condemned by the church- but there are very few Catholic voters who would vote that way in any case!

It is something Catholics are told to directly and universally appose as at utter emnity to Catholicism in DIVINI REDEMPTORIS by POPE PIUS XI

For other local issues, we will keep you informed!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

7 Non-negotiables for Catholic Voters In South Africa and abroad

As our mortal Souls are on the line when we vote, this takes discretion, and luckily Catholic Answers Action, hosted by the Famous Catholic Answers Apolostate, along with the American Church has given us a guide on voting, which we have adopted for widers use (the two additional non-negotiable facts are also in their list, but as additionals for other environments).

The church tells us clearly-

Your soul is onthe line when you vote. 

The Seven (7) Non-Negotiables for South African voters who adhere to the church

The five Non-negotiable for Catholic voters lists 7 issues which are not negotiable for catholics, when all parties with a chance of making a real difference are in support of such issues, the Catholic has the obligation to vote for the party which does less damage.

The issues that cannot be voted for in any circumstance are notable, (c.f. five non-negotiables for references)

  1. These include genocide- the promotion of murder based on political, ideological, or tribal choices, or race. (Promotion of this, or endorsement of those who do is mortal sin).A too wide use of or promotion of the death penalty falls into this, but not a limited death penalty.
  2. Abortion- the intentional killing of unborn children (as is legal in South Africa).
  3. Euthanasia- the killing of those who are old, weak, or sick, often disguised as mercy killing, this is mortal sin.
  4. Embrionic Stem Cell Research, cloning and Genetic Modification- these violate the nature of creation and are labled- playing God- the murder of the cells for this is abortion. 
  5. Human Cloning- this entails murder and playing God.
  6. Anything against Marriage- marriage must be promoted via politics, and public influence by these as the union between one man and one woman.
  7. Contraception- a promotion of a licid atmosphere towards contraception by a political party or candidate- makes them a party not to vote for. Any promoting the arguments for this or abortion as valid, and using means to convince the public that these are valid- cannot be voted for by Catholics.

South African Catholics should take into account that they are required to participate in voting, and that we commit mortal sin by partaking in mortal sin(the mortal sin of promoting intrinsic evil, or not trying to limit the harm of it, we partake in the sins of others by support of their actions, or by not acting against their actions). I.e. We must vote opposition, if the likely party supports these issues, and choose which of these is most in-line with the specifications- especially a firm resolve if they have it against abortion, and a widespread death penalty. Simply wanting a limited death penalty is not sinful, only when it's aim is to reduce crime by fear, and not to in limited circumstances get rid of threats!

South African Catholic

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