Saturday, October 4, 2008

Democratic Alliance (DA) and issues of faith

(Scripturelink Voters Guide)

Article By Marc Aupiais

While the DA itself has not answered us on their position on such issues, several internet sources we have made use of- with different views of the given party- show a relative reluctance, even negative response from this party to the Gay Marriage, and Abortion laws in South Africa.

In such matters- the DA has always- it seems- afforded their MPs a free vote, as they are matters of conscience- but the DA does seem more friendly to the Catholic view on these matters- than the ANC, who have been blamed by many for forcing such issues through parliament.

Once again we must note, the ANC under Nelson Mandela gave us our current abortion laws, and the ANC is the authority in place under which gay marriage was legalized and other issues have occurred. As always- we recognize the need for South African catholics to vote for opposition parties, as the ANC consistently disappoints, I personally am impressed however by how the DA handled these issues- they truly do seem as a party with a very wise, and stable opposition.

to see issues, other than those like communism, another in which the ANC fails- and lands itself on the non-voting list for- see the 7 non-negotiables based on the 5 non-negotiables, which mention 7 global issues, and five applicable to Americans- from Catholic Answers Action in America.

The seven non-negotiables for Catholic Voters in South Africa:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Abortion arguments and the ultimate illogic of our laws on abortion

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the 700 billion dollar bailout of the US banking sector expected to pass- one thing is certain- the concept of this itself is foreign to the American spirit- but they have been convinced that it is necessary- and so many will vote for it.

Now, let us look at abortion- many abortion advocates want abortion until birth- that is that path pro-abortion states often go, further than already forcing South African citizens to deny their religious obligations- by aiding abortionists.

So, what is the difference between the unborn and the born- to me it lies in a small document- it lies in citizenship- these peoples are not citizens of South Africa yet- and we often get away with actions against foreigners that we could never get away with against our own citizens.

Apparently, it was Mandela's government which legalized abortion, this is what Wikipedia and other sources tell us about this famous man so many South Africans have grown to Idolize- under him- abortion became widely legal.

Is the argument that Mandela was in support of abortion, or in the very minimum that his government at least was- an argument that justifies it. I say no to this.

Now- those in support have argued- yes but those women would get it anyway- in fact- they even kill the child once it's borne. I will not repeat the rest of the argument- due to the way it views many less well off South Africans- what I will do is combat it.

Because rape is done anyway- should we legalize a less violent form of it?
Should we allow people to bring others they don't like into hospitals for killing them?
after all- both of these issues can't be stopped entirely by legal systems- is it right however to do lesser systems of it- or restrain a victim to protect the oppressor- in a safer environment in which they can perform what they desire in their best interest.

Others say- let us permit abortion and contraception to reduce world population, but according to the 1951 UN declaration on Genocide, by which we prosecute war criminals- these people are advocating genocide (article 2 section d).

Others still say- these children are not intelligent yet- so, are we to make a scale of intelligence, like in some brilliantly thought out sci-fi fantasies- and kill all those below it?

Others say- the child is not alive- but how then and when then does life begin- surely- science can't create life- so how can it say when it begins- all it can say is- surely- the sperm was alive- but even as millions of sperm died on the way to the womb, we were not able to save these lives of what is not yet identified by most as human. The sperm certainly is not the same life-form as the mother.

It is now that the sperm and the egg combine- whether or not the sperm dies in this- well I don't know- but it certainly combines with the egg to form something neither entirely from the mother, nor entirely from the father. Again- at this point many people die, they also die in miscarriage- but again we cannot prevent this entirely.

Now, the church itself does not allow condoms- it thinks it wrong to automatically cause the sperm death, of course in the case of Natural Family Planning- they use the argument of Abraham- whose infertile 100 year old or so wife conceived a child.

So- we admit that the thing that emerges in conception- is independent of mother and father- it has unique genes, and can replicate it's own cells. Like we rely on our planet to survive- it too rely's on its environment- the womb.

Now, if we quash someone's dreams before they know what they are- we still quash them- if it is going to be human with all certainty unless we intervene- then it is our fault if it ceases to be- as it is- it is human- simply at an earlier stage.

Murder is the purposeful killing of another through action or purposeful inaction, where the other is not in this death being justly punished for a crime, or else is not an unjust aggressor, or supporter of unjust aggression.

Nothing a child who is not capable of aggression yet can do is unjust as yet.

Ultimately- I see no circumstance in which we validly allow abortion, in that the life taken is not guilty of anything. Of course, for some reason, despite many South Africans agreeing with me- our government, under Nelson Mandela- chose to further allow more than highly limited abortion in our country. Is this right?

All I know is that what is legal and what is moral is not always the same thing- even as the only real justification of any legal system is necessity and morality- otherwise it simply becomes a system of oppression of others- that gain may be made by certain groups who it benefits.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vatican- politics worthless without Christ- Christ must feature in voting

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; Zenit News Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican secretary of state yesterday stated that secularism, which is in his opinion void of values, politics, and all such things must only be means by which the values of God are implemented within the world, stating that without Christ- states quickly learn to ignore the greater good.

He identified the recent financial crisis, the "credit crunch" in the developed would as evidence of what happens when societies aim for the short-term above what is beneficial over the long term.

Some sources claim that the recent crisis would have been entirely avoided if a 1992 bill sponsored by political presidential candidate- McCain had been successful- the entire financial crisis in America would not have occured.

A voice from within the bishops, recently gave the US government five principles on which to fix the crisis. (c.f. Zenit News 29/09/08).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Catholics must get involved with politics, and reject Secularism- Holy See

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; c.f. Zenit News Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Secretary of the "Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace", Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, spoke yesterday to Italian Catholics- saying that Catholics must vote and vote with the church and get involved in Politics. He criticized the movement to Secularism- saying that the church, as Benedict XVI, had told the church earlier, must get involved with society and politics- in fact- that Christ is indispensable to society- and that Catholics must take an utterly active role in politics.


Catholics are obligated to vote for the most prudent choice in leaders of their society- and to take an active role in promoting Catholic Morals, and world-view in the public and private arena of their society- making disciples (learners)of all people- but leaving conversion as a choice- but not opposition to Natural Law- which should be permiated within legal systems as what the church might consider their only real justification.

Ideas such as separation of church and state are secular values from the French enlightenment, accompanying a rejection of Catholicism- religious can't take political office, under current canon law- so as to remain objective, and as the Priest cannot hold the sword (Saint Thomas Aquinas), however laymen are encouraged to hold office, and partake in politics- pushing the views and values of Church, and necessity of Christ on society- even as respecting the choice of some to not worship our God- but not their right to blaspheme our religion.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New SA "President" won't change a policies "that works"

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; Agenzia Fides 26/9/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

On Friday- Agenzia Fides Reports- South Africa's new President acknowledged the volatility of the global economy and has stated he won't change policies he sees to be working. He has insured the re-installation of Trevor Manuel, who recently resigned, and then had a change of heart, perhaps unrelated, but after a preview of economic fallout.

The New President recently replaced controversial previously health minister Manto, who is famous for associations with people claiming to cure aids with vitamins. Despite her fame for claims involving HIV and Lemons, the ANC has maintained her as Minister of the Presidency (Agenzia Fides 26/9/2008).

Agenzia Fides claims that analysts say that the ANC has over this ten year term- lost 30% of their voting public.

Helen Zille- in charge of the Democratic Alliance (DA) - praises Catholic organization

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Southern Cross (Fidelity issues discovered, link shows our retraction of using their news); Catholic Culture)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The leader of South Africa's DA, Helen Zille- according to the Southern Cross, has praised the Catholic Women's League- for their part in the Church, and in moulding democracy in positive directions. This was at the 25th annual CWL conference banquet in applicable areas.

She reminded the Organization of its own fallibility, and said this was a basic evolutionary part of democracy- the admittal that persons can make mistakes and operate within "checks and balances" (Southern Cross article).

More controversial aspects of the 77 year old South African Branch's international Organization- are noted by Catholic Culture in a separate article (Article by Catholic Culture), such as supporting a pro-"choice" (pro killing unborn children), pro-homosexuality march in Canada- along with other organizations. The march also was in support of "women's rights", as we have no further information on it- we have only spoken of the problems we see in the actions of their Canadian branch, many of whose members were shocked at the march against life, which stipulated itself as such.

The DA has been campaigning as the largest South African Opposition party, for a while now- aiding poor people with needed necessities and had partaken in other actions. Helen Zille- who left the ANC for the DA, near the beginning of our Democracy- to apparently help ensure a balance of power in Democracy- is a noted opposition figure, and mayor of Cape Town, where it seems the meeting took place.

She went to Saint Mary's as a child, however, Helen Zille's religion is uncertain to us at the moment.

Basically- we see this as an endorsement of a Catholic Organization by the Mayor of Cape Town.

The Catholic Women's League's home page in South Africa is

Their main purpose seems to be charity. They are endorsed by the South African Bishops Conference.

South African Catholic

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