Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pope- Church needs to be in political sphere of things

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Article by Marc Aupiais

Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has once again fronted the truth that the church and state can live in harmony- showing how the Vatican and Italy have been able to respect each one's sovereignty. However- he believes that the freedom the church requires in God should not be limited to freedom to practice religion- but also freedom to influence the political and public square of the ever varying and sometimes hostile environments, in which she finds herself.

Once again, while allowing states to be run by laymen, or by foreigners to the church, Benedict- while respecting the concept- the Priest must never bear the sword (Summa Theologica- Saint Thomas Aquinas- Doctor of the Church), Benedict XVI once again shows us how vital it is for Catholics to become inebriated in grace- within the political spectrum- so as not only locally, but certainly locally- but also through the use of states- the universal truth may be made clearly known- and good may be fought for, as it once was yielded against the Donatists, when they thought they could murder with impunity.

Church and state are separate- but not layman and state- and nor should the morals guiding the church and the morals of the state be separate- rather the laws of the land must be made to reflect the laws of conscience and church. The Catholic is obligated to influence the political scene in which he exists, and the church has every right to be shown very publicly to be true.

Benedict XVI understands more than many that the church is the conscience of the state, and its watchdog- it must be fully empowered through allowance of it in the Public Realm- so as to permit it to do the work of fighting for what is right and true, through itself and through governments. Church and state may be two separate powers, but they exist in but one reality, with one God- and as such must be on the same side- least the state turn on the church as in Vietnam currently- where the Bishops are asking for our prayers.

Once again- Benedict XVI shows us the importance of voting for those who best reflect the church- and of having the church as a public teacher and warning for all our brothers in humanity!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

ID and PAC, ACDP, DA on Gay Marriage and Abortion

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Article by Marc Aupiais

It seems from my research that every single opposition party, except the UDM which refused participation, and the DA, who allowed their MPs to vote with conscience- apposed the ANC bill which forced through Gay marriage- by not allowing ANC MPs to vote against such.

As for Abortion- The DA, always allows freedom of conscience to MPs on Moral issues, but the ANC has it in their manifesto, or plan, whatever it may be- since the 1994 election- that Abortion should basically be a right for women. The ANC of course passed both abortion and Gay marriage in South Africa with their parliamentary advantages- and by forcing their MPs to vote against conscience and for the party. For the abortion bill we have Mandela and the liberation Generals of the ANC to thank. To vote ANC was the matter of Mortal sin in every previous election- but if one did not know the facts- perhaps one is innocent- of course in the next election no Catholic who knows their policies can avoid mortal sin by voting ANC.

DA is very clever- they don't bring morals into force on others- and therefore can almost always be voted for at present because their policies on the major issues usually are- it involves morals- let us leave it to conscience. Not that I don't wish they had said- automatic opposition though!

On the more recent "Termination of Pregnancy Amendment bill", which was worse than the previous one- showing just how much further the ruling party seems constantly to fall towards non-negotiables- the African Christian Democratic Party, the Freedom Front, the Federation of Democrats where quick to vote against the additional measure, all as the Democratic Alliance permitted their members freedom of vote as they chose, which probably could mean for, as many hopefully voted against on the matter. This as 9 out of every 10 South Africans drastically appose abortion. Many of the abortions performed here, are from people who come across the border to use the free facilities.

Now the PAC and ID vote on this isn't noted by news 24. Other sources noted that in addition to the ACDP and FF, and FD, the UCDP and the IFP which openly apposed this additional legislation. The ID allowed a free vote, as the DA always does while and this is revolting, and means these parties should be added to your never vote for if possible list- ANC, UDM and MF all were in support of the bill.

Apparently the ruling party, and supporters of this bill- acting against the people's wishes- have yet to have a single MP publicly defend these actions, as asked by "ChristianView Network" (P E Church Net- 19/08/2004) who offered two thousand rand to anyone who could find such a parliamentarian.

And so- so far the parties South African Catholics will likely commit mortal sin in voting for are the ANC, UDM, and MF.

As for the ID, before 2003 they did not exist, so we couldn't find their original votes. The party's well known leader was a PAC member- part of a party known for the policy of some members of one "settler" one bullet, and has been in some controversial issues. The ACDP- is a protestant parrty, but a small party, and I don't know where they stand on other issues. The DA are our largest opposition, and have no official view on morality issues.

Parties, which on these two issues seem relatively clean are the DA, ID, ACDP and FF, and FD, the UCDP and the IFP. We do not know the policies of the PAC on these, but they seems against. One must not forget the calls of some of their party's members in the past calls for what sounded like genocide against white people in the past though- which could place them as a don't vote for party. Yes, the claim is that "One settle one bullet" refered to oppressors- but some murders show a different perspective in some of their listeners. The ID comes as an offshoot from the PAC, and this could be an issue on which to avoid votes for them. Of course- in modern times- the PAC has distanced itself very much from such statements. It has not stopped them asking in the TRC for amnesty for some killers of white persons.

Parties on these two issues, which cannot be voted for are: ANC, UDM, and MF.

As our first article states- your mortal soul is on the line when voting- keep this in mind. Please join our facebook group and spread the news.

If any of our facts are in any way incorrect, please inform us. They are based on internet sources- mostly linked to news sources, but mistakes do happen.

As for resources- we don't endorse the sites we have linked to- but they are the sites we have based our information on among others

recent vote:

A site we know little of:
Mail and Guardian
News 24,,2-7-12_2253844,00.html

Gay Marriage:

Original Abortion vote:
another site we don't know anything of

Unfortunately- we are one of the only Catholic News Services to have a strong online basis in South Africa- so we don't exactly have too many in-house resources to go on!

PAC- some supporters claiming- One settle One bullet:

Note: phrases like mortal sin- are Catholic theological phrases- referring to sins which require confession in order to take communion in the church. Those in mortal sin are considered in a deep danger in Catholic theology- however out statements purely refer to catholic terms- for the spiritual edification of Catholics, to whom Mortal Sin is thought to be a prevention of their achieving spiritual edification.

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