Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rwanda- Germany kicked out over arrest of Rwandan official- Germany joins France, and the Catholic church in being snubbed by the Rwandan President

(Social Justice South Africa; Scripturelink Voters guide; c.f. Reuters (Secular) AlertNet 11/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Germany is set to join France, the Catholic Church, and Rwanda's French speaking citizens on the list of people snubbed by the Rwandan government,an African administration accused by Congolese officials of funding an insurgency in their neighboring country- the DRC, an illegal conflict, which is strictly damaging the region, and aid efforts.

Rwanda's president is wanted by a French court, to face charges in the Hague for the murder of his predecessor, a death which caused the Rwandan genocide. A top aid was arrested by Germany in efforts to try the aid for the same plane crash incident. Rwanda's military's involvement in the DRC is confirmed as possible by representation of their government, who say proving it is another thing. The BBC reported of an incident of Rwandan troops firing at a United Nations attack helicopter in the neighboring Dr Congo, and others also give varying accounts. The Rebels in the DR Congo are of the tribe attacked in the genocide, and many of their victims are of the tribe which was largely seen as aggressive in the 1994 Genocide. Rwanda's president denies claims by parties including United Nations sources of involvement in the war in their neighboring nation, even as rebels in Congo claim to be there to fight Rwanda's own rebels. The requests involving solving the murder of the 1994 president of Rwanda, is the source of much of the Rwandan cuttings of ties.

French was recently removed as an official language in Rwanda, and government departments, and schools may no longer use this language. Since the French called for justice involving the Genocide, they, along with the Catholic church have suddenly been accused of involvement in the Genocide, by Rwanda's justice system.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

America- Bishops- Appose Obama on Abortion, life rights issues- Black president a good sign of racism's decline- Anti-Catholicism, another issue still

(Social Justice South Africa; Scripturelink Voters guide: How Catholics Should Vote in South Africa c.f. New York Times (Secular, liberal and considered antagonistic at times) 11/11/08; Catholic Culture 11/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The often antagonistic New York Times, is considering the fact that the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Biships's, has asked bishops to challenge Obama on abortion. Many bishops united, decried voting for the pro-abortion candidate during election races, and this will not stop when the man becomes president.

Already there is talk by "Democrats" of broadening abortion laws, and forcing insurance, and tax payers to foot the bill, and of economic strategies that will have to be based on further loans from China or elsewhere, but worse- many Catholics who did not vote Republican due to McCain's stance on Embryonic Stem Cell research- a definite evil, and sign of evil- Obama also plans to reverse legislation by George Bush, and pay for this with tax dollars.

Catholics who vote for a pro-abortion politician, incur an automatic excommunication unless other conditions exist which reduce culpability. With automatic excommunications- it is probably better to go with the Phrase guilty until proven innocent- in order to lift the spiritual ban on one's soul, just as with confessing- one should say- I may have done this, I am not sure, rather than leaving it out, but telling of their doubt where need be.

The bishops are realizing that many Catholics have excommunicated themselves, and therefor are compassionately apposing the Democrats, named by some as the "party of death", and by church representation as in danger of being branded such. The shepherds of the catholic Faith in America- are glad that there is a "black" American president, but while racism may be largely conquered, there are no illusions as to whether or not horrid anti-Catholic bigotry still exists in large portions of the American Population, according to the head of the conference- Cardinal George of Chicago. In fact, it seems to the bishops, that if Catholics want to succeed in public life in America, they are forced, or often choose to put aside their heritage. In America, like Great Britain, being faithfully Catholic and in politics, is almost an odd oxymoron for many.

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