Thursday, December 4, 2008

EU: Analysing how to turn ailing, breaking, yet still fighting: Europe into a tool for God, as it was once so powerfully purposed as!

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Article by Marc Aupiais

The average citizen has been preached a false gospel, a gospel of prosperity over Christ, of development over hope: of hoping in tyrants and evil men with false promises; over what is right. Europe; who owes its very existence to Christianity, and fought on this basis against Nazi occupation, which maintained hope and revolution in this, and conquered Communism in its borders by it: also is doomed for rejecting it.

America rejected the church, by pulling out of now communist Vietnam: based on a gospel which included non-aggression, and "free-love". Europe was rebuild after the Second World War: on a treaty called Pax Christi: and it is a Christian force which has held it together. Now, only political necessity holds. The EU is a treaty aimed at making the lives of some better, memberships are political, and politically done and influenced: like NATO: the EU has become a sanctuary for those with enough influence to maintain membership. Once proud nations, like France, and Ireland, and Great Britain: have fallen to ease, and to political ends: sacrificing their Christian heritage for this: or falling for the lie that Christianity is an embarrassing parent: to be hidden in the home.

We never used to dip hands in Holy Water after mass: the meaning is to remind of baptism, and clear the mind of secular thoughts: to focus on God; yet often: the ritual seems to mark the closing of the mind and soul to its saviour: and the washing of the mind of all the hope they have been given.

Europe once conquered enemies of faith, and of hope, and the basic dignity of man: now instead: politics are the realm of corruption, radicals, and those apposing the people. European democracy is in danger at its core: their attacks on Islam, have already had responses: and for every attack on a minority, whether Catholic or Islamic: they dig their grave further: making it harder for the men steering of faiths to preach peace: and coming closer to grounds for armed resistance against a political force: already, the danger has emerged: already, many of the factors exist. Europe risks alienating themselves from the rest of the world; a world which increases in instability; once united in religions. By religion: Islam united the Arab tribes: and by religion: Catholicism conquered Europe, uniting it as war craft and politics only divided it.

Belief unites, and belief rebuilds: Pax Christi: the treaty which rebuild Europe. Corruption is what maintains Africa in the Dark, and selfishness maintains Europe as only a secondary player in world politics: endangered by any small rupture in a global market of danger.

In the center of Great African Cities: selfishness causes gridlock. When a traffic light is green: one only has the right to go: if it is clear the other end: yet in Africa: cars often go against this law of the land. The day before yesterday, I was stuck in traffic for fifty minutes: without a traffic light out, on roads wide enough; without fault or issue: because cars and taxis, and buses were selfish: they went on red and green: and I was stuck in the middle of an intersection unable to go: because cars wanted a few more inches.

Neither human rights, nor perks are the basis of an Alliance: an alliance based on either of these: quickly becomes selective: and corrupt. Nations argue, and break apart: nations soon gain bad reputations, and gain hatred for their selfishness. Other nations unite out of mimicry and fear of Europe: following Europe, Southern Africa's SADC, and South Africa's brainchild: the African Union were born: it is these bodies which maintain Zimbabwe's genocide: and appose western efforts so effectively.

It is the lesson of the First World War: that one alliance spawns another: so far as an alliance is political. And now: Europe attacks religion: what shall justify her, human rights? No: the world sees the double set of rights: and the different weighings given via political aims: one may have human rights when it is of benefit to Europe. Compare guilty Georgia, with sinless victims in Rwanda, or Congo, or Zimbabwe: how fast some human rights are protected, how slow others. Human Rights are often disposed of: no Genocide as yet has been stopped by Alliances in Europe, or the United Nations: not until such blood is spilled.

As long as "human rights" are the basis of alliances: these will fall: they are but laws, and laws are twisted and broken. Europe will collapse, will fall: as America has begun to: and then who shall be our false: replacement saviour? Any political system which is based only on necessity will collapse; and break like malnourished children. The basis of Europe, like the basis of America, has been wiped clean: her essence, which lay in culture is devastated: decimated as she turns on herself. The Islamic nations continue to grow, to prosper: and the west continues to decline: unable to conquer to root of their undoing: and unable to fight the symptoms: which would take a conquering of all the world: impossible as long as their alliance is purely for mutual profit, and benefit.

How then can Europe resolve itself: except trough dignity. By dignity and not human rights can a nation establish itself king of all the world, and governor: should their basis be this: will we not give them access to our seats of political power: dignity and compassion and truth: the liberalism which is liberal in every extreme: yet utterly conservative in morals: the liberalism which saved Europe for thousands of years: this will bring it to power: and solidify the bonds of Europe: destroying all enemies: should they only cling to it.

Such a liberalism allows anything which is moral to be pursued: yet not that which is immoral. Thereby: a Europe which creates "gay marriage" or distributes ineffective "contraception", or kills infants: will never rise to glory: for such a society does not conserve itself: yet imploded. "Gay" "marriage" encourages dangerous societal activities; which destroys Europe's culture, and any hope of being looked up to by a rational man. Further: such is a lie to world and self. Catholic science has created ways of preventing birth: natural ways: which like natural fibers as compared plastic: are environmentally friendly: and create a strong culture: one can abstain from sexual intercourse a few days a cycle: such builds perseverance. More than that: it is not unnaturally controlling birth or death. The Greeks assigned this to Gods: we assign it to nature and to our God. The Greek "Gods" of this were the "fates": likewise: we appose unnatural regulation of births and deaths: yet postponing life artificially: is the realm of men: even the Greeks agree: allowing doctors to heal:

causing human death is the realm of God: forbidden to men; except out of obedience to the laws of God, and right, or prudent,  judgment in seeming necessity. Abortion is never necessary, nor artificial contraception.

Europe was once the star of nations: should they return to the heritage: which Africa and others continually soak up with hope: it will be the continent through which all continents are civilized: and the wielder of truth which destroys the corrupt evils of global politics. Europe, not America can be our political saviour: but Europe must reconcile its body with its soul: and begin to feed fully off its source again: as some parts have to an extent.

Still, whatever the tyranny forced on the world by political alliances: Europe carries most hope: yet her people must abandon the lie of false "irreligious secularism"; and stop hiding who they truly are: below lies of ideology. True secularism is an invention of religion: it is the freedom within moral boundaries to profess ones own truth; it is also the consigning of religion and politics to public, private and communal life: while treating the religions of others as with respect. True secularism is not the absence of differing beliefs: but rather the allowance of them in a treaty: which allows each man justice, and each thing its time: yet allows religion in her place: that which is moral, that which is spiritual, and as the conscience, and driving force of sense and development in a society; and a pushing force of love and social justice. All things have their place: Europe must relearn her past learnings: Europe must return to rational secularism: the sort which makes allies out of religion: not enemies: only then will she be safe from terrorism, and war from such: and also then will she have a united people: living saints, and moved by saints: then she shall conquer hunger, and much tyranny, and aggression: for only democracy, or a system yielding to the True Secularism can ever maintain itself against winds and storms of changing power: where the people are religious: they endorse what is mentally healthy: and what is moral: is most sane. Laws, on which nations are based are based on dignity, which is protected in religion: no system based on hiding or denying truth can ever maintain. The gospel is the basis of any nation, and must be endorsed by all nations.

Let us endorse: as true: the true one and only human right: that to human dignity: and expand this into those rights and laws which are just. Dignity is our only true constitution: the entirety of founding of nations depends on this one thing. The dignity of man is not singular: we all have one dignity: and when any bit of it is abused: all men suffer: for our shared single dignity is our united commonness. We are as many: yet our dignity: whom Christian call God's descending as man: is one: should it be wounded in one: it is wounded in all: so that even if man wounds his own dignity: he offends us also.

For dignity is the respect due to man: like blood thirsty beasts, who taste human flesh: it is departing from sanity, which is connection with truth: to deny dignity: so also: those who are allowed or allow one dignity to be abused; against justice: cause a society which disrespects all mens dignity.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

UN, World: EU in attempt at arrogant ideological supremacy: forcing gay marriages on world: if they can

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Article by Marc Aupiais

In documents alleged to also call for euthanasia, and allowance of the genocide of Abortion in all countries, previously Catholic France: has used the EU, with all 27 states collaborating: to attempt to front their aim: "decriminalize" homosexuality globally: in a move seen by the Vatican as in danger of causing anti-religious movement. The EU plans to front this in the UN on December 10th.

The EU has of late in many ways openly rejected religion: Spain not only created a child as a portable blood bank, but outlawed crucifixes from universities and schools. Groups from foreigners, to immigrants, to religious minorities, have felt harsh persecution, from systems designed to create conformity to a societal push: far from European ideals. Recently, a "nun" who supported birth control died and was hailed as a "mother Theressa", by Secular EuroNews.

The right to altering truth: has been pushed: when an inch is given to those promoting dangerous, and societally damaging: disease encouraging sexual activity, or the killing of infants: they not only take their own countries, and media, but attempt to force their values on all other groups. The EU recently was involved with aggression in Georgia, where NATO, and EU friendly Georgia, along with Russia, were both accused of war crimes. The right to conscientiously object is being challenged: the right to belief also is.

The EU, seems: like a group of nations securing the mountaintop: watching as chaos reigns, attempting to govern the rest of the world: via media, force, and diplomacy. Previously such things were fronted as allowing "choice": yet, when given slight "choice", they grab more: so as to take away the choice of others. Such efforts seem largely aimed at Catholic and Islamic states: a clear target for a secularism, whereby all but atheists, and anti-religious are to be kept out of the public realm.

The situation in Georgia shows, as does the Congo, and Zimbabwe: a world: where politics govern which citizens of humanity are given military assistance: and which are left to starve and be raped. Oddly, a situation as in Africa: could be solved with such a small EU military campaign, and strategy of sanctions. Persecution in China, could be combated by simply morality laws. While child labor is still no big issue, while ethnic minorities suffer what is labeled a Genocide in parts of Europe: and called gypsies, as though it were some other species: while so much evil happens because of Europe, and Girls from countries such as mine can be kidnapped and taken to places like Holland: to be raped repeatedly for their "owners" to get profit: and sexually explicit broadcasting: proven in a recent secular study to promote teenage pregnancy: is broadcast: Europe seems drunk with her power and freedom. Even Ireland has become part of this.

"Free Love" relates to Free Diseases: as long as actions proven to spread disease, are encouraged: not just homosexuality: proven to be linked often with multiple partners, and unsafe practice: but also generally: promiscuity: sexual disease will continue to kill. God did not smite the world with aids: sexually explicit cultural change did that all of itself.

South African Catholic

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