Monday, January 19, 2009

Response of the Office of Helen Zille (DA Leader) on concerns over homosexuality statements

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Introduction by Marc Aupiais

The following is an Email Response, by the office of Helen Zille, leader of the DA (Democratic Alliance) in South Africa, and Mayor of Cape Town, to concerns raised, over a press release, in which the ANC were lambasted, for not supporting a document, which in addition to the noble cause of decriminalizing Homosexuality, legally: also promoted, and seemed to attempt to legislate "Gender theory": which would insinuate support of Homosexual civil unions: "Gay Marriage", something the church considers to be irreconcilable with Catholic morality, and society.

Date: 19 January 2009 16:06
Email: Leader < >
Title: Response from the office of Helen Zille
Respondent: Tammy Evans

Large sections of the Contents of Email Response:

"Dear Mr Aupiais

On behalf of Helen Zille, thank you for your e-mail.

As indicated in the press statement you refer to, the DA supports the decriminalisation of homosexuality in line with our Constitution.

The DA’s position on civil unions is the same as it always has been. Like all issues of conscience, the DA gives its members a free vote to vote in Parliament as they choose.

Giving our members a free vote on civil unions is compatible with the belief that homosexuality is not a crime.

I hope that this e-mail has served to clarify your concerns.

Please feel free to remain in touch with our office.


Tammy Evans

Political Assistant

Office of the Leader - Democratic Alliance

2nd floor, Marks Building, Parliament

Cape Town 8000"

This email (contact details somewhat excluded)

is in response to another by ourselves: to the DA:

"A DA objection, to not voting on a UN proposal by France has caught my attention. My objection, is not the protection of homosexual rights, but the same, as that given by the Vatican, when apposing such a proposal. The proposal promotes Gender theory, and therefore gay marriage. Yes, South Africa should have stated, they supported the principle of freedom from persecution, but support of that proposal means indirectly, seeming: support for Gay marriage (something that the SA populace does not in majority support): an issue that he DA has been neutral on previously. I would like a clarification from the DA: on their neutrality on this issue, as it will affect both my vote, and many others. This does affect moral issues, as the DA is in fact, willingly or not: making a stance on this issue!"
date: 16 January 2009 15:39;
subject: Clarification needed, I represent a media initiative (3 days ago);

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