Sunday, February 5, 2012

White / European / Caucasian, call it what you want, but South Africa's lighter skinned residents face extinction according to a recent study

White / European / Caucasian, call it what you want, but South Africa's lighter skinned residents face extinction according to a recent study
Race Relations report attributes low birth rates and high immigration, ignoring the fact... white South Africans are the subject of Government imposed discrimination.

Ruling party officials including the President, Jacob Zuma, have claimed that English speaking whites are not true South Africans.

The ANC, every election, campaigns on the basis that Whites are a threat to the population. Parts of the country, due to intimidation, are not safely accessible to whites.

"Farm Murders", similar to the land invasions of Zimbabwe are now commonplace, especially against farmers who won't give or sell their land to the government, to be given to black communities who are the grassroots support of the Ruling Africanist Political Party: the ANC or African National Congress. The study authors site a growing mixed race population as a cause for concern, given the possibility of a court case to give a child of a white and black the same rights / benefits as black South Africans in a workplace where discrimination against non-whites is legally enforced.

"Johannesburg - If a new study is anything to go by, South Africa’s white population may be extinct by the year 2161.

A new report by the South African Institute of Race Relations revealed that the country’s white population was declining by about 0.3% every five years.

The decline has been attributed by the institute to lowered fertility rates affecting the middle class across all population groups, as well to continued white emigration.

City Press extrapolated the figures and discovered that, if the current decline trends persisted, white South Africans would be extinct by the year 2161.
Figures contained in the institute’s yearly South Africa Survey showed that South Africa’s white and Indian population were declining, while the country’s coloured and black African population groups were growing."
- "Whites new endangered species?" 2012-02-05 16:00 Charl du Plessis, City Press

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